Tuesdays With Murray (Chapter 85)

“Murray is small. We’re pretty sure he’s going to be tiny all his life”  

It’s a good thing we don’t gamble.

I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for 85 weeks! Granted, they haven’t been 85 consecutive weeks. I think I missed the Tuesday whenever I was giving birth. And I think I forgot once entirely. There were a few copouts in there as well. But otherwise, I’ve been posting about Murray for almost two years. We love the little booger. Just last night I was going on and on about just how much so. 

That’s why this next bit is difficult for me to admit.

We forgot his birthday. 

Now, to our credit, we don’t actually know when his birthday is. The adoption agency told us it was probably around the beginning of March. But since he was orphaned as a kitten and found by construction workers, there’s no way of knowing when he was actually born. 

Anyway, we do know that when we got him he looked like this:

And he slept on my belly like this:

Ain’t he something? 

Anyway, to make up for our huge mistake, and since we have no real idea when Murray was actually born, from this day forward March 17th will be considered his birthday.

Tonight, he’ll celebrate by eating corn (video), an entire can of Weruva, and he’ll be able to sit on the kitchen counters without being told DOWN! 

I will also give him more scritches than usual. 



  1. Happy Birthday, Murray! Yeah all of my cats are rescues, a couple of them only even have guesstimated birth years!…so they all have invented birth dates, and i have to write ’em down in a book, so i won’t forget. What a cutie he was as a baby…and what a sweet cat he is now! I hope he’ll not have any more unfortunate eating incidents.


  2. I miss baby Murray! He was so tiny, and sweet, and not just the dude who eats my food when I’m not looking.


  3. Ohhhh…what a gorgeous kitten!! (Who, of course, grew into a gorgeous cat!)

    Happy birthday!


  4. So cute. Love the photo of Murray on your belly. He and Emory have been buddies since the beginning.


  5. Happy Birthday, Murray! Here’s to many more happy, HEALTHY years with the family who loves you so much.


  6. Ack! He’s so cute, I’m not sure how you didn’t eat him before he even had a chance to grow up! I just want to take a few bites of those big ears, and those furry little paws!

    (My husband has no idea what I mean when I say I want to gobble our cat up, so I hope I’m not confusing all of you!)


  7. Happy Birthday, Murray! What a great birthday. I too love the picture with him on your belly :-)


  8. Feliz cumpleaños, Murray! Muchos smoochies to you!


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