Tuesdays With Murray (Chapter 84)

Here’s an old school GIF animation for you.

You dream of having this view, admit it.


  1. Our cat does the same thing, and while we aren’t exactly happy about being flashed, we do appreciate how far he’s come from when we first got him. We were lucky then if he would hang out in the same room with us, and now he feels comfortable flashing the tummy fuzz and man parts. Progress, that.


  2. strange, the captions on the fill-in boxes are missing (name, email, blog)…
    I believe this is what is called being a camera slut! *lol* And i see a rare guest appearance by one of the other felines in the household.


  3. nothing like full-frontal first thing in the morn! great way to start my day today!


  4. Awww! I love him.

    Also, I LOVE this site now… first time I’ve been here in about a week so I didn’t see the tweets at the top and the couple of other customizations until now. It looks awesome, Michele.

    FYI, On my computer (MacBook Pro running Leopard and Firefox) the titles for the comment fields are not showing up. Just in case you want to fix it. :-)


  5. ha! Full frontal kitty penis!! Funny!!!!


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