Murray Is At The ER

I spent the afternoon with a toddler in one hand and a sick kitty in the other. Murray apparently consumed a couple of foreign objects both of which are currently stuck in his tummy. He’s having said items removed via an endoscopy as I write this. We are admittedly worried and miss him greatly.

So, in order to take my mind off of his troubles, let’s talk about what Murray may have eaten. Your guess is as good as mine.

Update: I called to see when I could pick the little guy up and they won’t let me because he’s running a fever and they don’t know why. I am really bummed. I miss him so much.

Update 2: HOME! YAY! Shaved belly and the fat rolls are in full view. Pictures to come.


  1. Oh no! I hope Murray will be okay! I’ve been following Murray on Twitter so I knew he hadn’t been feeling well, but swallowing toys? Poor guy. I have no idea what small toys Emory might have that Murray might have swallowed – but kitties can eat so many things (bread twist ties, milk rings, marbles, bugs, strings, rubber bands, barbie memorbilia, etc)…I hope his procedure goes well.

    Feel better Murray!!!! (the same to the bald one!) :-)


  2. I am with my all knowing wife on this one, too many things are possible. If I had to bet, milk rings and rubber bands are irresistable to most felines. Pls let us know how it goes,our thoughts are with you…..


  3. Was Murray reading any children’s books earlier today?:


  4. poor Murray… Maybe Emory fed him pieces of Glow Worm

    Shine little glow worm, glimmer, glimmer…


  5. Oh no! Take it easy on the toys and rubber bands, little guy!


  6. I hope he is ok! I went through the same thing last year with my pug – we bet on socks, undies, etc. Turned out it was a giant hairball from him licking the floor. Gross!

    Keep us posted!


  7. He ate the glow worm to protect Emory from its evil! He bit in half, hence the two items on the x-ray.

    Here’s hoping Murray feels better very, very soon!


  8. It appears that one item removed was definitely a nipple from one of Em’s born free bottles. Way to go, Murray! :[

    The best part about the visit (if there were a best part) was whenever I finally made it to the ER and the doctor came in to find Murray on the exam table and Emory in the cat carrier on the floor.

    Doctor says immediately, “Wow! You have YOUR hands full now, don’t you!”

    Yeah, for sure. I have no idea how I pulled today off. Seriously. And if I had a boss like most people, that boss would have given me a big ol’ pat on the back and then maybe gotten me drunk.


  9. Sending good thoughts to Murray! My beagle who gets into everything just checked out of the ER this Tuesday after a 48-hour stint hooked up to IV fluids. She decided it would be a good idea to eat 53 of our other dog’s pain pills at once by jumping up real high, swiping them off the counter, taking them to her bed, and twisting off the child-proof cap with her teeth. I shit you not (I wasn’t there but I know this b/c I’ve seen her do it). And I’m embarrassed to admit that this is not the first time it has happened (though I hope it will be the last). When I was pregnant, she ate three separate bottles of my Tums. And let me tell you, Tums were not easy to get in England—I had to have friends ship them to me!

    Hope Murray is back to making trouble in no time!


  10. Night fell and now I’m feeling really blue. I really miss him. Our house just doesn’t feel the same without him. I’m glad he’s so young. HOpefully, if he doesn’t continue to do stupid things, we’ll have him for a long, long time.

    I can’t imagine our apartment without the little dude. And judging by how Tucker is acting (needy as all hell) he misses him too.

    It’s going to be a long, long night without my man.


  11. I am glad Murray is going to recover. Tuesdays just would not be the same with out him. I will give my cat an extra big hug whether she likes it or not in honor of Murray tonight!


  12. I only had your twitter feed to go by until I just read your post and I was very confused that Murray was having a nipple removed….and I was all, isn’t he a boy?….yeah, not my brightest moment.

    Thoughts and prayers are with Murray. I know how you feel. I missed Elpheba dearly when she went in to get fixed, no morning kisses on my nose for me. He’ll be snuggled in your lap soon enough.


  13. AH! Murray! I am sure he will be fine, but I know it must be difficult to not have him around. Good thoughts are being sent to him from all of us here in our little cottage in Ireland (so, husband, myself and the three cats).

    Got me thinking though – Paddington is prone to eating ANYTHING. I need to make sure to remove any potential objects from his reach (of course, who woulda thought that Murray would eat a nipple??).


  14. I hope he’s feeling better soon. When Millie got sick at the beginning of the year, I was beside myself with angst. Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery that you’re all together again soon.


  15. My dad is a vet so I have seen some pretty interesting x-rays of feline stomaches with foreign objects in them. One of my favorites was a miniature Kush Ball, then there are the painful looking objects, like the cat that consumed about 30 push pins. My own cat once ate a dry cleaning tag (you know, those paper things that they staple to the shirts) which then got stuck in his throat. They had to put him under and pull it out! Cats get into sooo much trouble!


  16. Missing him is hard but I’m sure you know in your heart that there’s no better place for him to be right now. They’ll figure things out and he’ll be back home in no time. He’s in good hands.

    Thinking of you guys and sending all the good thoughts and positive energy I can muster. xxoo


  17. I can’t help but think he has a fever because of stress! I know it’s crazy, but yesterday he had a fever at the vet and then it went away by the time we go to the ER. I know. Crazy. I just want him home dammit.

    :[ I was able to leave food out on the table for a while. That simply can’t happen in our house.


  18. Sorry for two posts, but Murray has been on my mind today, so when came to check in and saw he was still at the vet – well, I’m so sorry! He will be fine, of course, but I know how horrible it is to have them away. When Conor got spayed, I missed her terribly (the boys were back home within a few hours, so hardly had time to miss them…).

    I know what you mean about not being able to leave food out though. Conor and Paddington developed an interest in the very hot chillies we buy. I have had to store them in cupboards because that is one thing I don’t want them eating. Ever.

    I hope he is all better and home with you guys soon. Oh, and stress can cause all sorts of crazy things – the fever could be related. We were learning about things like this today (but in humans…).


  19. Ack, I am in agony for you. That cat is like a National hero. I hope he gets well SOON!


  20. I hope Murray feels better soon! Jack had to go to the ER last year (is murray at verg?) because of his megacolon and had to spend two nights there. it was torture. Lately he’s been trying to eat dental floss out of the bathroom garbage—who knows why cats eat the things they do.


  21. Hope Murray will be ok!

    I dealt with a similar issue when my dog Chuck ate chocolate and we had to take him to the vet overnight. To cheer myself up I bought a gorgeous diamond necklace from and hoped Chuck will be ok.

    Thankfully he was, now he’s not allowed to touch chocolate … once a year he gets a taste of peanutbutter..he could be pals with Murray!


  22. I really hope Murray is given a clean bill of good health very soon so he can be happy and back with his family—making you guys happy too! :O)


  23. YAY! Welcome home, Murray! So glad he’s feeling better and home with his family.


  24. It’s amazing how much I have been thinking of Murray. Glad the boy is home, and hope he feels better soon! I have to admit I look forward to reading about him each Tuesday!


  25. Yay!!!! I’m so glad Murray is back home – shaved belly and all. Relieved for you too. I’m hoping that the other kitties are nice to him in his recovering time and that he gets back to his playful, awesome self in no time!


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