1. Going swimmingly I see. He should be svelte in no time. :) Mine do that into the dog food bag. Or cereal boxes. Or boxes of wheat thins. Or really any sort of carb they can get their grimy paws on.


  2. It’s weight control, so it should be OK, right?


  3. Michelle, your logic reminds me of my mother’s: she used to say that she could eat as many Girl Scout Thin Mints cookies as she wanted…because the word “thin” was in their name. So they make you thin, right? Right?


  4. And, oops, sorry, I know it’s “Michele.” With a name like mine, I should probably pay more attention to the spelling of names, huh?


  5. michele. help. my cat just got a murray tendencies. she stole part of my honey bun. i NEVER buy honey buns. nooooo!


  6. I have been chasing Tinkerbell out of the dogfood bag for the last 4 hours. Seriously. It hasn’t even been 6 hours since he ATE, and he’s spent the last 4 climbing in and out of the dogfood bag.


  7. This made me HOWL! I love Murray.


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