Tuesdays With Murray (Chapter 60)

I threw together this video of Murray today. It may seem a little boring, but I think it does a pretty good job at showing people what it’s like having him as a roommate.


(P.S. Forgive me for the sporadic updates as of late. There’s a lot going on right now. I will tell all in time but for now things are just too nuts.)


  1. When we move, Mike is getting me a kitteh. He doesn’t know it yet, but he is.


  2. I like that you keep the baby food and the bourbon together. Emory and mommy get their afternoon snacks:)


  3. I love Murray.

    And I hope all the craziness is good stuff happening.

    And man, I haven’t heard that song in AGES.

    Thanks, Murray. You always put a smile on my face.


  4. My 9mth old son sat transfixed through that entire video and didn’t bang his hands all over the keyboard. He loves cats. We have four.


  5. Aw how adorable. After watching that, I had to go hunt down our three cats for a bit of a cuddle (not like they were difficult to find – it is the middle of the afternoon…they are all huddled up in the bedroom).

    I agree with jenblossom – blast from the past in the tunes department. I was truly obsessed with Noel Gallagher when I was a young lass, so memories came flooding back upon hearing that…

    And good luck with all that is going on (whatever it is…)


  6. I love Murray makin’ biscuits in the pink fuzzy blanket!!! He has some crazy long toes.


  7. Awww, it’s like his little biscuit-makin’ paws are in sync with the music at the end!

    I hope whatever’s going on is the good kind of nuts!


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