Tuesdays With Murray (Chapter 58)

Em and Murray have breakfast together quite a bit. Murray begs for food and Em usually sneaks a couple pieces of pancakes, eggs, or waffles to Murray whenever I am not looking. It’s ridiculously cute how these two interact.

Murray steals from Emory as well. But Em doesn’t seem to care. In fact, he cracks up. The problem is, Murray is getting fatter and fatter and Em is remaining fairly thin. So we’re trying to put and end to their dining experience.

I haven’t been organized enough to get a video of Murray in action, but I do have this video I shot recently. In it, you will notice a fairly well behaved Murray (well, aside from the fact that he’s on the table). You will notice the crumbs at his chest. Those crumbs are what’s left of some of Em’s lunch. The funny part about this video is that Em decides that since Murray won’t let him pet him, he retracts the only morsel left. Em’s all like, “OH, you won’t let me pet you? Hold your hand? TAKE THAT!”

And then Murray snubs him and leaves.


(We had a rough morning. Em had some blood drawn to test lead levels. He also got a shot. More about that later.)


  1. adorable, michelle!!!


  2. your house is a cuteness overload


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