Tuesdays With(out) Murray (Chapter 54)

I’m in South Jersey without my computer. You see, we’re having Em’s first birthday party at my parent’s house. They happen to have a backyard with some of the plushest green grass you’ve ever seen. Plus, they don’t have those viscous tiger mosquitoes that have taken over Brooklyn this year. If those bugs aren’t a sign of an apocalypse—even a small one—I don’t know what is.

The party is Saturday. I came down a week early. I planned on relaxing, working out, and seeing every movie out right now including the sinfully corny Mama Mia.

I’m here for a week. I’m without my computer, my husband, and most all of my clothing.

I’m also without my Murray and I’m embarrassed to admit how much I miss him. I miss him, everyone. I really, really miss him.

Especially today.

My pinkie toe is broken. I didn’t realize it was broken until last night when I suddenly could no longer walk on it. You see, about two weeks ago I stubbed it on the makeshift boundary we have set up in our (railroad) apartment to keep Em from entering the dining room. I stubbed the hell out of it. But it didn’t hurt the following day at all. I forgot about it. I’ve been running 3.25 miles each and every day since and nothing has happened. There’s been no pain. Nothing.

Now it hurts like hell. I didn’t change my workout yesterday (or the days leading up to yesterday for that matter). Why now? One would think the damned toe would have warned me before giving up entirely. No?

I’m depressed. I’ve been busting my ass to get into shape. I run every single day for at least 40 minutes. Even last week, sick with a cold, I made it to the gym. I’ve been so afraid of breaking out of the routine and losing ground. Literally.

I can’t believe a toe—the small toe even—has stopped me.

I miss my fat lovable Murray. I want to smooch him up. I want him to make me laugh.

I want Murray. Someone bring me Murray. (You can send my Tobyjoe as well.)


  1. four words:

    concept two rowing machine

    Takes some getting used to, but a great work out!

    I’ve broken two toes – snapped one in half! – and the recovery takes forever. Do you have the stupid, flat, wood-bottomed shoe with the peep-toe-lace-up? In Beltway Blue? I hated that thing. I taped, I iced, I wore the ugly shoe – I lived!


  2. Way to go with the working out! I’m like you with working out in that once I get into a routine I feel like a failure when it gets disrupted. When I return after I’m forced to take a little time out, my workouts seem to be some of the best I’ve ever had.

    Good luck, and tell Em happy 1st birthday. My niece just celebrated her 2nd.


  3. Desert Rose: I do not know what shoe you speak of. How long are we talking before I can run again? This is REALLY making me sad. It’s what I look forward to every day. I hate not being able to run. This is really bringing me down.

    Josh: I’ll tell him for you! And congrats to our niece!


  4. I have broken several toes (playing soccer w/o shoes on mostly – don’t recommend doing that!) and I just taped the broken toe went running as I would normally. Usually – if I can walk, I will go running. I also wear a running shoe that is a 1/2 size larger than my normal shoe size – that way my toes don’t get all squished.


  5. Go see Mama Mia, you will feel better… take a break and enjoy your son’s birthday! Happy Birthday Emory!


  6. Dear Mihow:

    I don’t know what kind of break you have in your toe(s). I had one that snapped in half and that’s what the blue shoe was for, to hold it straight (it was also taped) and allow me mobility without flexing the toes of that foot so the bones would knit back together again. (Funny story: I didn’t even cry until the radiologist showed me the break. Then: waterworks.) I think I used the ugly shoe for three weeks, then moved on to just taping until it felt better, then finally it stopped hurting and swelling and I figured I was healed. I think the funny shoes are used after bunion surgery. It healed straight but I can’t bend it as much as the other toes.

    The other broken toe was cracked and was just taped. I taped it to the adjacent toe, shoved it into a loosely laced shoe, a la another commenter, and went on. It took a few weeks to heal up. I didn’t go running on it, though. It hurt like the devil but eventually it got better.

    I’d say you’re looking at a few weeks. I feel your frustration in not being able to work out in the sport of your choice. Once we find the thing we like/love, it is hard to give it up. I’m a cyclist, but hit the rowing machine for cross training and upper body work and it turns out, I love it a lot.

    If you are totally hard core, ask your doctor if you can tank up on ibuprophen, run through the pain, then ice. And if you can do this with a broken toe, I think you are rad!

    I hope you feel better as soon as possible!


  7. I’m one of those people who has to vow to break a sweat, Every Single Day, cause if I miss one, I miss three, and then I miss three months. Vicious cycle. I’m a runner, but if something’s keeping me from the outside, I’ve found this crazy obnoxious yoga program on Oxygen – it’s called Inhale, and if you can get past the slightly creepy host, it’s a good workout. Just do what you can to get any type of workout in… when you are healed you’ll find that your running will come back just as strong.


  8. I saw Mamma Mia and it was fluff. Fluff can be good if you want to think of nothing serious or important… fluff can be bad if you want substance. Just be forewarned.

    But there is a lot of great scenery and Greek Island shots if you are just looking for something pretty.


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