We're Sick.

Em isn’t feeling well. He’s come down with a cold. And I woke up with a sore throat today. We’re dead tired. I am shocked Toby made it to work in any reasonable form this morning. Em was up every hour all night long complaining and unable to breath. He’s really congested. We suctioned his little nose at 4 AM but that didn’t help. I even brought him into the bathroom and steamed him like a baby potato. To no avail.

Anyway, life feels very much the same way it did with a newborn. And I’m sure all our hard work with sleep training is going to be set back. Perhaps this is nature’s way of asking, “Do you really want another baby, Michele?”

The answer is still yes, but I if we’re met with another sleepless night like last night, I may be saying something different.

Tuesdays With Murray will return next week when we feel better.


  1. I highly recommend Little Noses saline spray. You can use it as often as needed and no drugs. Hope you guys feel better soon!


  2. oh, poor baby. may he get well and happy ASAP!


  3. oh yeah – hope you guys get healthy ASAP also


  4. I second the recommendation of Little Noses—though I must admit, it worked best for us if we coupled it with the aspirator (or as we called it, “the sucky thing.” And yes, that can have two meanings). Matthew hates the sucky thing with a passion, but the saline spray loosened things up enough that the sucky thing actually got everything OUT…and then Matthew was all, “Oh. We done? Cool.”


  5. long time lurker, but – had to put my 2 cents in (not that you asked for it!) along with the saline spray, I highly recommend a warm mist humidifier. Helps everyone breath! works like a charm! and extra bonus, it creates a ‘white noise’ – soothing to sleep to.

    I hope you and Em feel better!

    (I know a warm humidifier in the summer doesn’t sound appealing, but it works!!)


  6. In reference to your twitter about chafing while running…find a local running shop near you and get a small stick of Bodyglide (http://www.bodyglide.com/). The stuff is fantastic, relatively inexpensive, and much less goopy and sticky than Vaseline. Plus, I wonder how well Vaseline will wash out of clothing. Great about the running. I miss running. I’m supposed to run less because of my not-so-great lower back, but I’m hoping once I strengthen it I’ll be able to get out there for at least a few miles a few times a week.


  7. I hope you are feeling better soon…in the meantime there’s a little surprise waiting for you at my blog.


  8. saline drops and bulb syringe saved my life. Also, Olba’s oil. The poles love it so the herb store at nassau and manhattan ave has it. i sprinkle a couple drops on grace’s sheets. helps open nasal passages. good luck.


  9. I second the humidifier. It helps! My little one is getting over (another) cold this week. We also put Baby Vicks under her nostrils immediately after sucking out extra nose goo with the bulb aspirator (I know, eww!). It helps clear the nose passages and minimizes congestion.

    Good luck, and remember-it will get better in a few days!


  10. hey, guys. Thanks for the help. We’re also without Internet (checking email from TJ’s wireless Verizon card). I’m not sure when I’ll be back online, but I wanted to stop by and say thank you.

    Still sick, but I think the worst of it’s over? I hope? We’ll see.

    Thanks again.


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