Sesame Street Makes Me Like People

One of the cool things about Em getting older is we now get to watch Sesame Street. We watch Sesame Street every morning. And I’m constantly amazed at who they have on. My mother assures me that it’s been this way forever, but I guess I’d forgotten (or I didn’t know any better at the time?) Anyway, every day they make me smile.

Check out this clip of James Blunt. (Make sure you watch it up to 1 minute, 45 seconds. The dance scene will blow your mind.)

Toby and I have been singing it ever since.

This morning Detective Elliot Stabler was on talking about mail—they used the DOINK DOINK sound and everything! Awesome.

I’m left wondering what I’ve been missing all these years.


  1. One of my favorite clips / Sesame Street guests. Check out the little boy boogying down on the balcony toward the end.


  2. ha! Awesome. Bet that kid is super proud of that now! I would put that shit on my resume.

    Oh, these are wonderful. (I also kind of hoped that this might happen, that people would post their favorite clips.)


  3. Michele Chaves July 23, 2008 at 4:06 pm

    Sesame Street is one of the coolest creations in the world. I got Annie a bunch of old VHS tapes off of ebay and it had great clips from 70s Sesame Street that I remembered like it was yesterday. Those people who create and work on Sesame Street have the best jobs in the world, in my opinion. How cool to create such great stuff for kids every day?? It totally makes me feel the world is all right when I watch Sesame Street. It was a sad day when my daughter moved beyond Sesame Street!


  4. I found this out a couple of months ago as well…check out REM’s “Furry Happy Monsters.” Fantastic. “C’mon monsters, you don’t have to cry, we can be happy.”

    So glad Emory is sleeping better these days. Our little girl is still napping fairly well, but I am contemplating dropping her daytime bottles sometime soon…very nervous about that.


  5. Here is the REM “Furry Happy Monsters” link on Youtube:


  6. Thank you! Can’t wait to watch it. (We’re in the middle of trying out nap number two as I write this.)

    Hey, when does one drop the daytime bottles? What will you do in place? I have no clue what is supposed to happen at this point. I just give the kid what he wants. :[ I know that ain’t right for too much longer.


  7. Have you seen the Feist one about counting to 4? I love it so much I’ve watched it about 20 times. So awesome!


  8. Oh, holy shit. Just when I thought it wasn’t possible to love REM any more…


  9. Is there a rule about daytime bottles? I know some doctors say at a year..drop the bottles. I tried a few times between a year and 18 months, but he was so hooked on didn’t work. I felt guilty that my 20 month child still drank a bottle at bed and morning times. Then he got strep throat (again), and it hurt to suck, so he drank only from his sip cups all day, and hasn’t asked for a bottle since. I guess he was 22 months then.

    I think you can reduce the bottles as Emory eats more solid food, so give a snack instead of a bottle. In theory, anyhow. We just let it happen naturally, but Jonah now just goes to the fridge when he is thirsty, and pulls out his sip cup of milk and has a swig. There are no scheduled feedings except mealtimes. We just eat when we are hungry!

    I don’t have sound on my computer at work, so I can’t check out the links, but I will at home tonight.


  10. Long time reader, first time poster. My two year old son LOVES sesame, and watches it daily. I have really enjoyed watching it with him too.

    If you get a chance google “Cookie Monster Stephen Colbert” to find the youtube clip of Cookie on the Colbert Report. It is a riot. (I’d send the link but can’t access it at work.)

    Also, there has been a recurring segment on Sesame called Law and Order: Special Letters Unit, which has all the characters in puppet form (Munch is really dead on), and lots of the DOINK DOINK.


  11. We are thinking of dropping the bottles slowly and one at a time because they cause some angst, and also partly because we are so darn reliant on them. She is simply unable to relax enough to go to sleep without a bottle, and that makes me worry for how hard they’ll be to get rid of later. Our little girl is 13 months old, and already very, very stubborn…I really try to pick my battles.

    Her bottles also need to be pretty warm, so we’ve still been giving her formula. She really likes the taste of cold whole milk and takes it easily from her sippy, so I’ve kind of been hoping we could substitute milk in a sippy, but instead of having it before naps/bedtime, just having it with her meal. I really don’t have a clue. She is my first kid and while I don’t want to rush her, I also don’t want to turn what might be a minor battle of wills now into a major one later on.

    Quick question. Do you use glass bottles with Emory? If so, do you give him the bottle to hold himself at naptime. I have still been holding Ruby in the rocking chair and holding the bottle for her because I’m worried she’ll pitch the bottle and it’ll break. She kind of halfheartedly “helps” me as I hold onto it. I usually sit with her until she seems relaxed enough to sleep, then put her in the crib and leave (sometimes she goes right to sleep, sometimes she hollers a bit, but if I stay in the room I am just prolonging/increasing the intensity of the hollering). It is interesting how we all have different solutions for getting our kids to sleep…makes perfect sense when you consider what little individuals they all are.


  12. Thank you!!! This made me smile. I immediately showed it to my 7 month old son, who loved it, then to my sister and her 3 month old, then my husband and her husband… and it continues…


  13. When my two boys were smaller, I remember posting on their website about a Sesame Street episode that similarly blew my mind. It involved the Goo Goo Dolls singing a version of their song ‘Slide’ to Elmo called “Pride” (Let those good thoughts fill your head / You are furry, proud and red):


  14. Thank you guys so much for posting these. I can’t wait to watch them all with Em. Thank you.

    And I agree, Michele. Sesame Street is the best job ever. I thought the same thing recently. can’t imagine being paid to bring so many smiles to faces everywhere.


  15. DLG: Wow, that was fantastic as well. Thank you for sharing! Keep them coming, folks. I missed roughly 29 years of this!


  16. Spin Doctors on Sesame Street – “Two Princes” –

    and Norah Jones “Don’t Know Y”

    and probably my favorite Sesame Street clip ever-

    Me and my llama at the dentist- ooohhhhheeee

    Yes – it has no guest stars, but brings back lots of memories!


  17. Just had to add this one as well. The last two seconds are the best….



  18. Hey,
    It’s Amy From the neighborhood. So I just wanted to add one of my all time favorite Sesame Street clips, I think about this song all the time and I never thought to you tube it until now. It is James Taylor singing to Oscar the Grouch. Instead of “whenever I see your Smiling Face ” He sings “whenever I see your Grouchy Face”. Its truly brilliant!
    A bit off topic but, I love REM too! I just watched Michael Stipe & Mario Batali on Iconoclasts which inspired me to revisit some music I had not listened to in so long and forgot how much I loved.


  19. I live in the hood and have also recently started watching porn for babies, er, I mean Sesame Street with my 10 month-old.
    This is one of my old faves-not a guest star but a parody of Rebel Yell.


  20. had to get in on this sesame street thing. i don’t have kids and watch it anyhow (sometimes). all time favs:

    “letter b”



  21. You guys rock. We just spent our saturday morning watching all of these. Awesome. So awesome.


  22. I have to go back and watch the links other posted here. LOL I was going to put the REM one myself, but I was beat to it. My 21 month old loves this one too:


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