1. hahaha LOL that did make me laugh – what a crazy cat!!! :-) Such a little darling. My cats go crazy for butterscotch flavour Angel Delight (it’s like a flavoured dessert you mix with milk), banana milkshake and cornflakes. I seriously cannot even have breakfast without one of my cats trying to scale my torso to get to the bowl :-s

    My friend’s kitten loves tomatoes and strawberries. The weird thing is cats don’t have any sweet tastebuds so aren’t supposed to like fruit or desserts!



  2. Oh, Murray.

    I love how Tucker’s all “whatcha got? Oh.”



  3. oh my goodness! i’d lost track of your blog and was just catching up when i saw this post—i know it’s old, but i had to comment. my cat loves corn too, especially on the cob!!! this has always seemed strange to us, because he doesn’t like ANY other people foods. fish? chicken? no. but if we make corn, he goes crazy like a shark at our feet… I always give him our leftover cobs, and he’ll gnaw on them forever. once he tried to cart one off to a hiding place, and when i intervened he actually growled at me! (he had never growled before). i wonder what it is about cats and corn?



  4. […] loves corn (video). And I know it’s bad for him so we don’t let him have it anymore. But he tries. […]



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