My Brother. He Lives in Beijing.

Did you know that my brother moved to China? It’s true. He lives in Beijing. He used to work on Wall Street. (Remember this?) Now he’s learning Chinese. (Mandarin, I think.)

He has a blog. And he’s threatening to shut it down, which would suck because it’s really the only way I get to hear from him. (Time difference plus the baby, makes it very difficult to catch one another online.) So, I figured I’d send him a little traffic and maybe, just maybe he’ll continue writing.

Yesterday’s post is a rant about the olympics. It may piss some of you off, I’m not sure. My brother doesn’t shy away from confrontation! I can’t even imagine what it’s going to be like on 8/8/08. (Which is Emory’s first birthday, by the way.) Say hello to Ryan if you have some time.

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