8 Months Old!

Emory started crawling yesterday. He crawls while on the rug but the wooden floor is still designated for commando baby. But that’s OK because commando baby makes me laugh. I’m not ready to say goodbye to commando baby yet. I had to say goodbye to fake coughing baby, drunk babbling old man baby, and shrieking at the sight of kitties baby. I want to keep commando baby around for a while longer.

His first ever tooth made its appearance on Monday. I didn’t think that would happen for quite some time since I didn’t get my first tooth until I was 13 months old. But a tooth appeared on Monday. I discovered it the hard way. We were crawling around on the floor and he grabbed a fuzz and put it directly in his mouth. I reached for it, thinking my finger would be greeted by a soft, pink gum and got cut! It’s one sharp little tooth.

About three weeks ago, we really started to feed Emory from our plates. I read somewhere that as soon as you baby shows interest in what you’re eating, it’s OK to let the baby explore. I was a little surprised to find out just how quickly and open that area of exploration becomes, however. Everything is fair game (as long as it’s small enough for them to consume) except for fish, nuts, artificial sweeteners, and raw honey. (I’ve received mixed reviews regarding eggs.)

We’ve had fun ever since, giving him bits of whatever we’re eating at every meal. And he seems to enjoy everything. I discovered just yesterday that he even has a taste for Dr. McDougall’s Pad Thai Noodle Soup. I think feeding Emory new food excites me so much because I wish I could erase ever having had chocolate so I could enjoy it for the first time all over again.

Can you imagine?

And cupcakes?

(Actually, I do treat each and every cupcake as if it were the first cupcake I’ve ever seen or sunk my teeth into, which is why I want so many of them all of the time. Ah, cupcakes. What I wouldn’t give to have the metabolism I had as a teenager.)

I’m excited to have him try avocado and fruit the moment it comes in season, and ice cream? Oh my goodness! Fresh tomatoes? I may be projecting a bit. But isn’t this why we have kids? So we can experience the joy of youth all over again?


  1. mmm, mcdougall..

    i’m doing vegan april again (4yrs running!) mcdougall diet the whole month!


  2. that is just so damn sweet in the bestest way.


  3. I love the look on our E’s face when she gets her favs – sweet potatoes or applesauce. Can’t wait until she’s old enough for the really good stuff – ice cream, chocolate, sprinkles. Mmmmm good.


  4. OOH! I have the best tool EVER for feeding babies! It’s so great!


    you can put anything in it. My Baby (Ben who is just a couple of weeks older than Emory) Loves it. I put frozen peaches or whatever in for teething or crackers and stuff for when he is not and it has been great. LOVE it!


  5. Oh, my. That post made me smile with joy. My little boy is 7 months, and we are saying goodbye to fake coughing baby, but just now enjoying babbling baby. We have screaming-at-the-sight-of- anything-exciting baby, but that we could probably do without! Our little guy is getting pretty good at commando baby. The slap of his hands on the wooden floor as he tries to commando even faster is so sweet and funny. It makes me laugh as he commandos toward something that I’m trying to hide before he gets to it.


  6. I love that Em’s such an adventurous eater already, and that he finds such joy in tasting new things. One of my biggest fears is that if we do ever have a kid, s/he’ll be one of those super picky eaters who drive me nuts. :D


  7. yay for crawling!! we have banging on everything while screaming baby right now. i’m ready for no more teething baby. i wish i was as easy going as you with foods. you seem so laid back.


  8. I have the perfect cupcakes for those of you that don’t necessarily want to eat them. They’re faux! They have no food products but they look like the real thing! Check it out: http://www.jenniboriginals.etsy.com.


  9. I love how you wrote about having to say goodbye to the other ‘babies’. We’ve said goodbye to a few stages, but now we are in a few fun ones as well – backwards crawling baby, screeching loudly baby and waving baby – I love waving baby. It just started yesterday. So fun to read about Emory who is so close in age to our Amelia.


  10. I always hope and wish my daughters will love and appreciate the avocado like I do. They don’t though. They hate it and each time I try and it’s denied I feel so insulted and hurt. I know, I’m lame like that. I hope that Emory loves it!


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