MOHs: Take 4 (Or 10. I've Lost Count.)

I’m scheduled to have laser surgery done on my face today at 4 PM. (See previous posts here, here, and pictures here.) I’m not at all looking forward to this. Last time I went in for followup, my doctor injected the scar with steroids and it hurt like hell.

Here is what it looks like today:

I am having trouble capturing it and I know I may be more critical than others, however, the scar is pretty damn obvious. It looks like a much enlarged version of what was removed. It’s puffy and white. It looks like a blister or a burn. It’s not pleasant and it’s not easily covered with makeup. They’re trying to remove it, lessen it to some degree.

Anyway, I’m preoccupied because I hate having needles shoved into my face. I hope this doesn’t hurt. I hope it doesn’t actually get worse. I hope I don’t have to walk around again with a big red sore on my face. I hope to one day be able to put this MOHs thing behind me.

I did download the (very few) pictures we took digitally while we were away. There are more of the film variety that we need to get developed. I’d do it myself but they’re color.

Here’s a shot of Emory at The Animal Kingdom. He’s watching kids feed the ducks.

And here’s one taken while we were riding It’s a Small World. (Unfortunately, dumbass me brought only the 50 MM lens making it impossible to capture anything more than close-ups of someone’s face.)

Here’s a picture TobyJoe took of me giving my kid a manicure.

We’ll have more once we have the film developed.


  1. you seem to be a seasoned disney traveler. i’ve never been, and my boyfriend and i are thinking of going sometime soon. do you have any hotel or other recs?


  2. Well, my family (father and mother) love it down there and every year they treat us to a week at The Wilderness Lodge. (When we were tots, they would stay at the campground.)

    I really like the Wilderness Lodge because it’s on a lake and there’s a pool. Otherwise, I hear the Floridian is super fancy. I also heard that Port Orleans is really nice. :] Not sure if that helps.

    I will say this much, if you want to eat healthy at all bring your own food! Hit the grocery store. For whatever reason, it’s almost impossible to eat healthy while at Disney. They have salads but nothing is organic and they aren’t always filling. (I look the other way and enjoy the sun, people, rides, and family time.) Did you know it’s almost impossible to get a vegetarian option at The Animal Kingdom? That seems odd to me.

    Wow, I’m ranting. I am so sorry. I’ll stop now. Disney is nice. I only wish they were less commercialized (subsidized by McDonald’s etc).

    You didn’t ask for all of this, dear. I am very sorry.


  3. Wow, I feel bad for getting all political instead of trying to answer your question. So, here are a few links.

    This is where we stay: Wilderness Lodge. (WARNING! LOUD MUSIC!)

    Port Orleans. (MORE LOUD MUSIC!)

    and Grand Floridian.

    All of those are on Disney’s “Campus” (never sure what to call it). There are cheaper hotels off Disney, but you have to drive in instead of using their free transportation from park to park.


  4. it’s ok! i kinda figured it would be hard to eat well down there. lately it seems like it’s hard to eat healthy at most places that aren’t specifically healthy or organic, but i would imagine disney to be the worst of all.

    we’d definitely need to stay on the disney campus, since neither one of us can drive. so those are links are helpful. thanks:)


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