I'm Trying

I have been trying to write for several hours (days even) and have had zero luck. There’s just too much to do. Plus, picking up a computer after a week of barely touching it is not like riding a bike. I’m having great difficulty getting back into the swing of things.

There is so much to report. And almost all good. Going to shoot off a few things in random order while the baby bounces and watches some show called Super Why!

We are home from vacation. We had a great time.

I ran every day since there were no yoga classes. (If you run or work at a yoga studio, I might suggest opening one somewhere on Disney’s “campus”. There are a plethora of conferences that take place there and I imagine a lot of people might like it).

Taking Emory around Disney was incredible. He loved getting out. He preferred the people to the rides. He rode It’s a Small World and loved it, absolutely loved it.

We took him on Aladdin and he wasn’t so into that. He made the “I am going to puke face” right away. Poor kid.

Emory loved swimming! Watching TobyJoe and Em swim was a highlight. There are pictures, but they are of the film variety and need to be developed.

I actually lost weight. (This happens every time we go to Disney. I am appalled at the food choices Disney offers its customers, which is to say an unhealthy smorgasbord of crap. Nearly 50% of Disney’s visitors are obese, which makes me think about how much I have put on and have yet to lose. So, yeah. I lost weight. We’ll see if this continues since I can’t run easily here).

Emory has formed a potentially unhealthy attachment to me (and Toby). He had his first ever emotional meltdown while my parents watched him. He was away from us for a couple of hours and in that time he completely lost it. He stopped screaming the moment I walked in the door. Alarming? Entirely. I’m supposed to go away (alone) in May. I am not sure what I’m going to do about this.

The Auto Rail rules. I can’t even begin to sum up how much fun I had onboard this train. I will explain later whenever I have more time.

Friends of ours had their (Brooklyn) daycare shutdown by the fire department. Apparently it wasn’t up to code. They are in trouble as both of them work. They and other parents are scrambling to find alternatives. I learned yesterday that there is a waiting list at most all of the daycares near us. Looks like Emory will not be spending time away from me anytime soon. (Which means his attachment is going to grow even more).

I saw a video of a (Florida?) nanny who tossed a baby aside while watching TV and now I am wary of hiring a nanny.

I did watch America’s Most Wanted while in Orlando.

I did not see any fugitives.


I wore sunscreen.

We saw a house yesterday that we really liked. It is small but really well cared for. We’re not sure what to do about that. It’s in a great neighborhood in the ideal school district. We’ll see where that goes. I’m nervous.

I am not in Austin.

I took a private yoga class with (the talented and lovely) Kyra of Inspired Yoga. I miss her greatly. I miss her smile and the way she teaches. She corrected a plethora of mistakes I have been making. I am excited to perfect my practice.

Soung looks great.

Springing forward is NOT good for babies and even worse for the parents of babies.

Now I must run along and delete the hours and hours worth of TV shows from our DVR that I’ll never have time to watch.


  1. Welcome back! My favorite times at Disney were always when we had my young cousins along. It must have been awesome to be there with Emory.

    We’re moving April 22nd. We should get together before then. I’ll make deviled eggs. Smooch!


  2. Just re/ the nanny thing. I was one! I’m not your stereotypical nanny, either. Hiring a nanny can be a long and stressful process, but there are defintely some amazing caregivers out there! The pros are that you can call a lot of the shots because the childcare happens in your very own home. You can decide how long you have the nanny working for you before you even let her be alone with your child. The first mother I worked for was constantly by my side until after the first week. I worked so well with that family, became like a little sister to the Mom and a young aunty to the kids. We still stay in touch – it was the most rewarding job of my life! Everytime I head home to Vancouver I spend a few days with that family. Ah, the warm fuzzies!

    Oddly enough I was inexperienced and wound up being a better nanny for that family than the woman who had worked for them previously – she who had 20+ years of experience.

    Anyways, I’m all pro-nanny but when/if I ever hire one myself I’ll definitely be getting a nanny-cam and background checking up the ying yang. Best of luck searching for childcare, it’s really tough – but it’s not impossible! :)


  3. I’m still open to finding one for sure. That video tho, wow! It scared me to pieces for several obvious reason and then one not so obvious one.

    If I were to find someone doing that to my baby, I’d go to jail for manslaughter and my son would be without a mother.

    Thanks for the positive words, Debbie.


  4. Glad that you are back!! I watched that video as well, it had the twins right? I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I worked in a daycare for 3.5 years and I completely understand how hard it is for you to a)find one and b)find one trust. My advice is take your time. Sit in with Emory for a morning or afternoon and watch how they work/interact with the kids. If there is something you don’t like, don’t settle and go with your gut. Eventually you will find the right one. If you go the nanny route I agree with Debbie, do it on your timeline and rules. And totally get a nannycam!


  5. Don’t worry about the separation anxiety. It’s really common for babies to have that attachment to mom at this age. It’s a good thing! I can remember the “it HAS to be mom” fusses. Only mom will do. So it’s good to be there when he’s like that but it’s ok if you are not. Remember, if you leave him with people you trust, he’s getting good loving care no matter how much he screams and fusses.


  6. Welcome back! Regarding Emory’s separation issues, Adeline is hitting that right now, too. except she does it even when we’re still in the same room as she is. Yesterday a good friend of ours (who Adeline knows VERY well), came over for a bit. When he held her, she started screaming, in melt down mode, looking at us until one of us took her back. And when I’m home alone with her, she also cries when I leave the room if she can’t see me. As soon as I walk back in, she stops. I know it’s normal, but it’s still frustrating!

    I don’t think I remember that you guys were looking for a daycare or nanny. Good luck with your search, especially with the waiting lists in your area! The first two days Adeline was at daycare were rough for her; she cried a lot. Then on the third day, we walked in, she smiled at her teacher and buried her face in her neck when I handed her over. She loves it now, and it’s the only place she DOESN’T get separation anxiety being away from us.


  7. We aren’t looking for anything full time or permanent. We’re looking for someone to watch him for a few hours a few days a week. I guess a babysitter would be a more appropriate term.

    Either way, I am pretty sure this isn’t going to happen anytime soon here in Brooklyn. It’s insane here. The daycares that are open and decent are impossible to get into it appears.

    We’ll see.


  8. Glad you are home!

    And E is right in that normal stage for separation anxiety – his brain can finally picture you when you are not there, and he has a new sense of “self” which is scary since he’s never thought of himself as “alone” before. It can be trying, but is normal, needed, and healthy for him to work though this new stage. Some kids pass through it pretty quickly, though some take longer. I am tempted to say that the kids who are more ‘attached’ pass through it quicker, since they know you will always come back, but maybe that is just what I told myself to get through the “stuck to my leg” stage without selling my daughter to gypsies. :P


  9. Ouch. I hate when videos like that turn up.

    If I lived in new york, I’d baby sit for you. But I live in Ohio, and am prolly not leaving any time soon. Which thrills everyone else (especially the couple I baby sit for. Their kids are going to be so attached to me when I graduate that it freaks me out a little.) more than it thrills me.

    Glad you had fun last week; you deserved it!


  10. Being a parent, you feel guilty all the time. If the kid cries so much and wants you, you worry. If the kid plays with others and don’t need you, you worry and sad :).

    Here is my own experience: we play with our 3-year-old a lot at home. Then one time when we went to our friend’s house, the kid was attached to me. My friend commented that my kid is a bit attached. Well, the positive way to take it is: of course my kid is attached to me because this is not a familiar environment. However at the same time, I’ll take him to new environments more often so he will learn to adapt.

    My point is since you only have one kid, just like I do, we don’t have another to compare. Sometimes with the ge together with family and friends, that’s when I realize if my kid is more shy or more this or that and we adjust.

    Don’t worry to much. Your kid is at the age that anxiety separation is normal but if you keep taking the kid to see your mom, he will get used to her.



  11. He preferred the people to the rides.

    so cute. thats definitely your kid.not that there was any doubt.
    oh whatever.(


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