Tuesdays with Murray (Chapter 32)

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post entitled Waging War Against Bisphenol A. It’s in reference to how TobyJoe and I are cutting down on the amount of plastic we use. It led us to purchase these pacifiers from Zoe B. Emory enjoys a good pacifier every now and again.

I didn’t expect Emory to love them but not because they aren’t lovable. Emory is VERY picky when it comes to pacifiers. He will only suck on one shape, just one. He doesn’t have any interest in oddly shaped pacifiers. (He’s a pacifist. Ha! I just made myself laugh out loud). We have purchased a great number of pacifiers for Emory and he always prefers the cheapest, most mundane version money can buy. But I had high hopes for the Natrusutten.

As soon as I received them in the mail, I tore open the package and gave him one. And he quickly spit it right back out. I tried several more times thinking that maybe it’s like putting clay on a wheel, you just gotta keep trying until it’s centered. To no avail, each and every time the pacifier flew further and further away from his head.

Needless to say, he didn’t like the Natursutten pacifiers. But I can’t say I’m surprised. We purchased a bunch of Haba toys for him recently and he spent more time playing with the catalog. (I played with the toys.) If he had his way, he’d happily spend hours chewing on the remote control (which used to be filthy but has since been cleaned with organic baby spit). He’s just like our cats: the more we spend on something, the less he seems to like it.

But they didn’t go to waste entirely.

I guess I should be thankful they didn’t become Emory’s favorite pacifier because this could become really expensive.

The whole ordeal has me thinking. I think today I’m going to buy Murray one of these:

I think baby and cat are in cahoots.

P.S. I may have added this to LOL Cat. (Thanks, Nico!)


  1. Oh my gosh…the photo of Murray with the paci in his mouth totally cracked me up! Hee hee!!!


  2. OMG—Adorable! When Ellie was two months old, my parents bought her a bouncer to keep at their house. She hates it, would squeal every time you put her in it. But the cat? The cat has completely taken it over. While my parents sit in their recliners, he sits in his little cat “LZ Boy” between them and purrs happily.


  3. you should buy emory the cat toy..


  4. You know, JC, that’s what I had at first. That last sentence… at first I said I’d buy it for Emory. But since Murray seems to prefer all of Emory’s toys, I’m wondering that if I buy it for Murray, will Emory use it? OR does Murray just want EVERYTHING Emory has?

    This is an excellent question, one we may never find the answer for.


  5. So so true. So many of these toys and accessories are just marketing bonanzas. As a parent, you try to do the best thing but really, why bother. He would rather laugh and giggle with you than any fancy toy. I guess, by child 4, I didn’t even bother with the ‘baby toys’. You know, they always like the box the toy came in better than the toy.


  6. wondering…

    is there a gel or something that is flavored good that parents can put on a pacifier, to entice kids to like it at first?


  7. A recent bisephenol article in the MN news: http://www.kare11.com/news/ts_article.aspx?storyid=492682. You have to read through to the end to get to the data, but the MN Pollution Control Agency (where my husband works) is working on changing this in MN.


  8. The picture with Murray and the paci reminds me of LOL cats – http://icanhascheezburger.com/

    Now we just need something funny to go with it!

    How about: No cheezburger? I take paci. kthxbye!


  9. OH MY GOD. That is awesome. I always look forward to Tuesday, obvs.


  10. That is FANTASTIC.

    I am also looking forward to Tuesdays now.


  11. Oh, that is so cute! We have just adopted three kittens (long story…) and I have too discovered that no matter how much you spend on toys, the cheap ones are the favourites. Currently, our kittens divide their time between playing with balled up pieces of paper and a string tied to a stick.

    Glad the pacifiers are being put to good use though! Go Murray!

    Now that I am a cat owner, Tuesdays with Murray takes on a whole different meaning. I have never had cats before (the husband has but I grew up with dogs), so it is good to hear about other cats craziness. Makes me realise that there is no normal in the cat world….

    Oh, and like Murray, one of our kittens has taken an interest in our bathroom habits…..


  12. Yur baby wuz tasty.


    I can haz pacifier?


  13. So are you buying him a fluffy orange kitty or that toy? I say the kitteh would be more fun.


  14. that is so darn cute. I think I would explode from all the cuteness around you. But in a very good way.


  15. This is totally hilarious. My 3 month old son spits out his natursnutten pacifiers, too. Oh well…I am holding out hope (stupidly?) that he’ll learn to like them eventually. If not, I’d be happy to donate them to your cat.

    And I have not done very much research about bisphenal A, but isn’t it just found in hard plastics and not in soft rubbery plastics like in pacifiers?


  16. I love it that Murray is as strange as his feline sister. Eleanor is the weirdest, most silly, and loving cat. Such a cutie.


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