1. I voted this morning. This was a very hard decision for me because I am happy with both Democratic choices right now. (I was really bummed Edwards dropped out, to be honest. But what’s done is done.)

    Anyway, I think we’re in good shape for 08. I am happy either way it goes. Obama gives me a lot of hope and we need that. Whereas I think Hillary would do just fine, not change much, not rock the boat. It was tough choice. But I made it.

    Unfortunately, Murray’s name was removed from the primary for hi-jacking Obama’s poster art and using the font Impact.


  2. I wish Murray had been on the ballot. I was so conflicted in that damn booth I nearly cried.


  3. She is so smart and I am stoked that she is out there, however, she is so polarizing that I just don’t know if she could win against McCain. Ugh. Saw 4 voting issues today – the books did not have brian or myself affiliated with a party so we had to do that there (no biggie but not the first time we voted in nj), one woman filled out her little ticket that she would then hand to the voting booth guy and the poll volunteer realized that she filled out a rep instead of a dem and had no idea how to change it. Finally some poor guy came in and thought he was registered republican but they had him in the books as dem. For reasons beyond my comprehension he was unable to vote.

    What a confidence booster for the actual elections.


  4. By “she” I’m assuming you mean Hillary??? ;] heh

    Yeah, we watched a green party member get turned away. The whole must be registered in a certain party thing really gets me angry. To be honest, the whole electoral process gets me angry. But I can’t change it.

    Maybe Obama will? Or Hillary? Hehe I’m still not saying who I voted for because I am still going back and forth on who I want even though my vote has already been cast.

    Like I said, I’m happy either way it goes. I really truly am.


  5. I am faux casting my ballot from Canada for Murray! NOM NOM NOM!


  6. Yes, NOMinate Murray. His VP elect is Jeffery Nommer.


  7. I’m voting for Obama. Hillary scares me, only because of her utterly polarizing effect.

    Seems to me that folks on the Right loathe her just about as much as we on the Left despise Bush and Co.

    And I want those Right wing folks to stay home in November. I fear that a Hillary candidacy will only bring them to the polls in droves.


  8. Amen to the conflicted commenters. Also, I appreciate your putting the apostrophe in the correct place on ‘08. (I’m a future English teacher.)


  9. Funny story about the ‘08. I took the existing poster and just put Murray’s head overtop, changed the wording up top, etc. I copied THEIR 08’ and just moved it over a bit so I could add “NOM”. Toby wrote me later to say that I had the apostrophe in the wrong place. I was appalled! (For the record, I DO know where apostrophes go in this type of situation, but I had exactly 15 minutes before TJ left for work to do the poster. He was on baby duty, I was on Tuesday’s with Murray duty. I didn’t catch it! So it was in the wrong place for two hours. Ugh. I feel dirty.)

    So, he writes letting me know my error. I immediately go to change it and realize it was their error. I only hope that someone catches it before they print ‘em out and plaster them around town.

    heh. Murray wouldn’t allow for such a mistake. He so would approve that message.

    Speaking of conflicted Democratic voters. Check this photo montage out. It cracked me up today. Click here. Very cute.


  10. Love it!

    Murray is so photogenic


  11. @rachelb-
    The issues were because Tuesday was a party election. You don’t have to declare a party to vote in a real election… but in most states, you can only vote in a Primary of a party you belong to. You probably never declared a party affiliation before, because you thought you were better than choosing the lesser of two evils.

    That’s why much of this vote is significant though… McCain & Obama are considered ‘swing’ candidates and moderates – they appeal to the large amount of americans who don’t automatically vote a party line, and end up deciding the election. Their opponents don’t. Everyone knows those two have the best chance of winning a general & swing votes, the question has been ‘can they compete against the party base?”. The answer has been a resounding yes. I’m hoping they can win their party races too.

    Most liberals I know are extremely upset that Edwards lost. He was the smartest in the race – everyone else just took his policies and copied them quite sloppily. We’re mostly all pushing for Obama now – which is pissing off friends who work/socialize with the Clintons.

    Hillary isn’t just polarizing on party lines, she’s polarizing within the party and the swing votes. People either love her or loathe her – there’s no middle ground or undecided voice. Many liberals, like myself, will never vote for Hillary. We’ll go for a 3rd party nominee or maybe even McCain.

    Why? Hillary symbolizes everything that is wrong with American politics to me – excessive catering to special interests/lobbyists, negative political campaigns, push polling, staged media events, planted questions and photo-ops—i could go on. She also voted for the war in Iraq while New York was clearly against it – miserably failing to represent her state in the Senate. She claims change, but at the end of the day, she’s just a pro-choice version of Bush with breasts. Being a woman isn’t ‘change’ – policies and protocols are. She’s a prime example of what America needs change from.


  12. I love the look on Murray’s face. It’s like he’s saying, “Whaa—?”


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