Tuesdays with Murray (Chapter 26)

Whenever we first got Murray, he used to spend a lot of time standing on my belly. It worked out really well, because he grew as my belly grew. Every time I’d leave the house the moment I returned I’d say, “Murray! Want some scritches? Scritches?” (Pronounced Sker-etches.) He’d always meow from the depths of somewhere and come running.

After he’d position himself just so, I’d run my fingernails up and down both sides of his body. He’d lean in every now and again for a forehead kiss. His eyes would squeeze shut from all the love and sometimes, if I got him just right, he’d drool on me.

These daily meetings became something I really looked forward to. I used to say, “What are we going to do once my belly is gone? I’m going to have to drink a lot of beer to maintain this!” (Whenever I was in labor, I yearned for this such meeting.)

Now Murray is bigger and my belly is much smaller and all the beer in the world couldn’t get me to the size I was whenever I was pregnant. But Murray is determined to keep this going, as am I. I still yell, “Murray, want some SCRITCHES?” and he continues to crawl aboard. And he still drools on me. Now I bend my knees and put my feet up on the coffee table and he sits with his butt up against my thighs. And this works out well. He’s able to reach my face and I’m able to scratch his sides.

We’re a team, he and I.

Lately, I have felt kind of bad for Murray because most all of my time is spent holding or playing with Emory so whenever Murray decides it’s time to climb aboard, I’m not usually able to accommodate him. So, about a month ago, I made a deal with Murray and TobyJoe. Murray would get at least two SCRITCH meetings per day no matter what. This has worked. I try and do one in the morning before TobyJoe goes to work and one at night whenever he gets home. If that doesn’t work, I try and squeeze one in while Emory naps. And if that doesn’t work Murray squeezes himself in while I’m on the computer.

“Murray? Want some scritches? SCRITCHES?”

See? Here he comes.


  1. My cat is Keyser Soze. He’s about 9 nine years old, and I found him when he was three weeks old. Keyser likes stretches. He will come up to me or my husband, stand on his back legs, and reach his front paws up into the air, like a child reaching to be picked up. We pick him up under his armpits and lift him into the air, and he stretches his entire body backwards, then we throw him over our shoulder. It makes his day, and mine.


  2. Aw I love Murray! He is a happiness inducing cat! Thanks for making me smile today on an otherwise dreary Tuesday.


  3. OMG totally reminds me of our friends cat who used to do this! She’d drool too! Cracked me up the first time, but everytime I went round she’d be up on my belly and drooling!


  4. Oh, what love between person and cat.


  5. He is SOOOO cute! Adorable! I’m a cat person and love seeing this kind of interaction – there’s nothing like it!


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