One More Day!

I have one more day left of NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month). Writing every day for an entire month has been difficult. Especially since this month had a pretty substantial holiday. I realize that November is short, but man! It ain’t been easy.

For those of you still here, thank you. Here’s a short video. Emory thanks you as well.

P.S. I will be sure to include a video or picture of Murray next Tuesday to make up for his having off this week.


  1. so adorable!

    i love the way babies can channel drunken 60 year old men :)


  2. Absolutely adorable! I loved his praised dialogue…nothing is cuter!

    It’s been a great month reading updates everyday. Thank you for sharing!



    OH oh oh. So cute!

    Thank you for the birth story! I have wondered! And while I’ve always thought I never wanted kids, I met Mary’s and WHAM! suddenly baby overdrive. And the first six chapters of your story were absolutely TERRIFYING. And solidified the fact that I absolutely do NOT want to have a baby in a New York City hospital. I am so very sad that you went through what you did. I should be putting this in an email, not comments… anyhoo! Yay Emory! Yay December! Yay Murray! (You owe the world a Murray vid!)


  4. dude, toby looks so proud dad in this vid. amazing.


  5. OK—Do you know how many times I had to play this? Shep LOVED it. He kept pointing to Emory and saying ‘baby’ and giggling. When it ended, he would point and grunt for me to play again. Guess he misses his cousin:)


  6. OOOHHHH the sweetness of it! What. a. Cutie.


  7. Congratulations on NaNoBloPoMo!


  8. I love baby babble. I would like to request baby laughter please.


  9. I’ve said this for a while, but IMHO, kids are WAY better entertainment than most network TV shows.


  10. HmmmmMMmm I just realized that i didn’t write on November 1st because I hadn’t heard of it until the second. Ah well, it was fun anyway.


  11. i met a guy at a party a few weeks ago who was making those same noises/faces/movements

    however, emory is hands down four million times cuter in every way

    i love the babbles and happy spasms…he is so adorable!!


  12. My little boy was born 4 days after Emory and he is nowhere near standing!! What are you feeding your little one???


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