NowBlowPoMe: Tuesdays With Murray

I’m dieting, which means we’re coming up with new and exciting ways to eat healthy foods. I began by purchasing this book and it’s pretty great. We’re eating a lot more veggies and more often. TobyJoe and I eat pretty well to begin with, him more so than me. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t the occasional pizza, the occasional burger with fries, and the occasional 13 cupcakes. It’s when you bring all the occasionals together that it starts to look less like an occasional and more like a habit. So, we’re cutting out the occasionals.

Last week TobyJoe cooked up some cauliflower. It was delightful. He cooked up more than necessary so I could continue to snack on it while he was at work. You see, my weakness since the baby was born, has been waiting until the very last minute to eat and I’m starving by that point. So I end up grabbing something less than healthy. For example, eating some Lite Cheese Curls is fine but when you finish the entire bag, well, that kind of kills the whole “lite” aspect.

By making that extra bit of cauliflower, I could snack on it instead. But we live with Murray and we left the pan unattended for a few minutes. And that was stupid.

Part of NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month), where one writes every day for the month of November, which is easier said than done.


  1. What exactly does on do to califlower to make it yummy?


  2. i’m going to take a wild guess and say garlic, lots of garlic.


  3. Fat. If you’re not going the fat route, you need an acid.


  4. By the looks of it, I’m gonna say you roasted that cauliflower, which is, in my humble opinion, the very best way to cook the stuff. Caramelization = teh win.


  5. roasted after tossing in a bit of sesame and tamari and huge chunks of sea salt (because i like the big chunky crunchies)


  6. roasted after tossing in a bit of sesame and tamari and huge chunks of sea salt (because i like the big chunky crunchies)


  7. I’m a new reader, spent my whole psych class going through your archives. And I can’t get over Murray. He reminds me too much of the cat I’ve got at home (her latest “trick” is opening Rockets rolls. she’s got a thing for candy).


  8. I originally mis-read Jamie’s comment as “my whole psych class is going through your archives,” as if was a class project or something.

    “Class Assignment, Psychology 201, Fall Semester 2007: go through the archives of and figure what is wrong with that woman. Submit your findings to the Department Chair by the end of the semester.”

    How cool would that be?

    or maybe not….



  9. good luck getting him to enjoy catfood after that tasty adventure… ;)


  10. So cute… and very familiar. Last week, Eleanor licked the almost empty tupper ware previously filled with curried lentils. hopefully not the cause but now she has an upset stomach so she and Nona ( my other cat) have been eating rice and chicken. They love the chicken. They stare at the fridge. They stare at me. maybe that was her plan all along.


  11. mashed cauliflower is delicious, and a great substitute for potatoes. jeff’s dad made this last christmas and it was a huge hit. boil the cauliflower until tender. mash it up as you would with potatoes, add sour cream (lo fat if need be), some parmesan, salt and pepper, and you’ll be in cauliflower heaven!


  12. Not too bad sauteed in a little lemon juice, olive oil and garlic (salt and pepper to taste) either. Same goes for broccoli. It’s a great alternative when you are trying to avoid butter (which is what I assume you meant by: “If you’re not going the fat route, you need an acid”). But as others have suggested, mashed cauliflower is to die for as well….but doesn’t taste nearly as good unless it is slathered in butter and cheese of some sort…mmmmm. Dieting is hard. My heart goes out to you!


  13. it makes me happy when cats do bad things…

    i once had to answer my phone and i returned to find my pork chop missing. my 16-year old cat had made off with it. she had never done anything like that before.

    she died of cancer one year later, so i’m glad she ate my pork chop.


  14. sass: I hear ya. We lost our 15-year-old cat to cancer this year. He stole numerous baked goods over the years. I would give every piece of banana bread, every cupcake, every piece of pie crust just to see him again.

    I’m happy he got those baked goods. :]


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