Tuesdays With Murray (Chapter 12)

Murray has a bedroom. He claimed it the day he moved in. It’s right near the rear window that faces Manhattan. It’s down by the heater, tucked between the white radiator cover and the wall. It’s more of a corner than a bedroom but he doesn’t know the difference. And being a New Yorker, where square footage is a hot commodity, every little bit counts. It’s his bedroom. He brings stuff there. He steals napkins, crackers, muffins, crumbs, candy wrappers, candy, cookies, cheese slices, and pretty much anything else he can get his paws on. And nothing seems too heavy or unruly for him. He has a stuffed bear that he kidnaps and takes there as well. And that’s adorable. I have yet to get a decent photo of it, unfortunately. But you’ll just have to take my word for it. The stuffed bear is so big that once it’s in his mouth it covers his eyes and blocks his view. There have been a few times where he’s actually run into a chair leg or table leg on on his way to his room.

When we clean up, he gets very uppity if we go near his bedroom. And that breaks my heart. (It broke my heart even before I hopped on the hormonal roller coaster.) He looks at me as if to say, “What are you doing to my bedroom, Mama! Why are you taking away my collections?!” As much as I’d love to leave Murray to his crumbs, muffin tops, and candy wrappers, we’re not really given much of a choice in the matter. We live in New York City, after all. Leaving crumbs lying about is a surefire way to end up with bugs. And I hate bugs.

A few days ago, my mother was sitting at the kitchen table having some breakfast. I was picking up as much as possible while the baby slept. My mother made a funny sound. “He’s gotten into something again.” She said. I looked over to and found Murray on the small table that stands outside the kitchen. It’s about 3 feet away from his bedroom. The little thief had added something new to his repertoire, something a lot more important than a few crackers or a piece of candy.

Murray was stealing our money.


  1. Ha! What do you think he’s planning to spend it on?


  2. He probably wants to get the baby a present…


  3. What is that strip of paper? Murrays olde-timey stock ticker?


  4. Nico, that made me laugh out loud, good and heartily. Awesome. It’s actually the tie that holds the curtains back. But I like your description better. So funny.

    I think he was going to buy a bigger bedroom! In a nicer apartment with a better view and no babies! :]


  5. You really got yourselves a special fella there.


  6. Awww, so cute! My beagle steals the stuffed dog I keep on my bed and runs out the dog door with it. And the other day I caught her picking baby toys off the shelves in our bedroom and making herself a pile to play with later. Animals are so weird—and funny! Good preparation for toddlers, I imagine.


  7. oh holy crap, second comment that made me laugh hard and out loud. He runs out the doogie door? that’s awesome. So funny.


  8. i think you should put murray to work outside. he’s clearly got mad pickpocket skillz. just think of the extra cash you could make!


  9. that’s so funny and what’s even funnier is WE HAVE THE EXACT SAME WOOD FLOORS.


  10. Our cats ONLY take valuables. Watches. Rings. Cords, etc. No, I take that back. I guess bottle caps and wadded up napkins aren’t exactly “valuable”.

    But, my older cat used to do the stuffed animal thing too. I only ever got one photo, and here it is.



  11. My cats regularly steal my inhaler from my nightstand. I’m convinced that they are trying to kill me!
    What they don’t understand, though, is that I* am the one with the thumbs in this house… so only *I can open the cans of cat food.

    Oh yeah. They’ll be sorry if they succeed in their plan.


  12. i think he’s stocking up for a bedroom in manhattan.


  13. “What are you doing to my bedroom, Mama! Why are you taking away my collections?!”

    Aww, that is the cutest thing I have ever read! Murray and my new kitten Emma would get along swimmingly. She kneads bread into my skull every night. I have little cuts all over my scalp!


  14. By the way – can we see a picture of Murray’s bedroom? :)


  15. Awwww…. so cute, I love this. I can’t wait till Tucker helps Murray build a lost in his bedroom, though I really think he wants to order some take out.


  16. Our cats also have a bedroom: ours. When we’re at work, they bring their furry mice and pot pillows (catnip pillows) onto our bed. We usually have two or three cat items on our bed when we get home.



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