10 Serious Washes Later…

… and things are looking much less goth.

You’re looking at a shot of the hair dye job I wrote about on Sunday. (I’m sort of cursing myself that I didn’t take a picture when it first happened. It was so dark and startling. Sorry, mom!) The good news is, the color washed out substantially. (Here’s to the all natural stuff!) The bad news is, I ruined two towels, a shower curtain, and my Snoogle.


  1. I quite like it. It looks better dark than light.


  2. I agree with Toby. It does look better dark! Looks more natural.


  3. I LOVE it! It is a great colour.


  4. i think it’s pretty!

    too bad about the ruinage! :-(


  5. Thanks, guys. It’s grown on me as well. I was really unhappy about it at first. But it’s better now. The brown hue is closer to my natural color anyway.


  6. I meant that I like it in an overreacting, pessimistic GOTH kinda way. * grizzly bear! *


  7. nice, rich color! perfectly suited for hospital gowns. (is that what you’ll be wearing during delivery?) also, i’ve been meaning to mention that i’m a big fan of the yellow mihow blimp! i’m expecting it to announce baby Ndugu’s arrival in LED readout fashion… like at all big sporting events.


  8. Listen, it is all gonna fall out anyway after you have the baby so no worries.


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