1. Tonight I am going to eat spicy food, wash it down with raspberry leaf tea, play with my nipples and demand sex even though I can barely move and feel hideously ugly.

    Is there anything I missed?


  2. you had me at “spicy food”


  3. I’m not even at my due date yet but man is this ever kicking my ass. The kid doesn’t stop moving. Plus, his head likes to use my cervix as a trampoline but he has decided NOT to lock into position from what I can tell. This could go on forever. I will not live like this forever.

    I’m telling you, this is payback for my having a fairly easy pregnancy. The past week has been hellish. HELLISH!

    Cobra, I think I saw that pizza mentioned on one of the food networks. Can’t remember.


  4. Probably, it’s supposedly famous and supposedly works. Sounds like voodoo to me :)

    Dee’s in just about the smae boat, meaning the “get this damn thing out of me now” boat. Her due date is 11 days away. UGH!!!

    Best of luck, I hope all goes well and he gets the hell out of there quickly for you!!! It does not sound like a pleasent experience.


  5. ooh, how about walking, evening primrose oil (ripens cervix) which I did not try. However, I did try accupressure – pinch the webbing of your fingers between your pointer finger and thumb, and above the ankle (inside)about four fingerspaces above is a pressure point. I taped coffee beans to those points because I needed my hands free so I could pinch the webbing. It passed the time every day I went beyond my due date.


  6. Bless your heart honey. I’m going to try a voodoo dance to get the little man moving.


  7. eggplant parmesan. worked for mary.

    hang in there. it really does suck the most in the homestretch.

    in some sick ways, i’m glad i had the pre-eclampsia bullshit to deal with the last 6 weeks. all the running around to blood draws and collecting my pee in jugs every day and taking my blood presure at home 2x a day and all that was a great way to obsess over something other than “omg i am miserably in pain and just outright uncomfortable. OUT.”

    and just so you know, unisom tablets are safe while pregnant (just an antihistamine), if it comes to that. get you some rest. you don’t need to be sleep deprived before the wee one arrives.

    package coming your way later this week.


  8. Try sucking lollipops and press them against roof of mouth.

    Pineapples I have heard work to start labour.

    Cinnamon is supposed to do the trick as well.

    I think that the reality is that your body will expel that child when it is damn well ready too.

    I was 13 days over due with my first and 18 days over due with my second. I tried EVERYTHING. I even heard my mother tell my husband it was his job to make me orgasm …..I really felt bad for him. My doctor just put it to me like this… all women are ovens, some are microwaves, and some are slowcookers! I hope you are amicrowave!



  9. I love you people.


  10. When Kerry got sick of it (and was a week past due), she had half a glass of red wine at dinner and was in labor the next morning. And Pippy was our only kid not to go to the ICU within the first week of its life.

    I’ll say a little prayer for the three of you, if you don’t mind.


  11. You’re almost there… You can do it!
    Women really are like superheroes, you know. Strength beyond all imagining!


  12. Well, my ankles and hands swelled a lot yesterday and it seems I put on 4 pounds in 5 days. I tested negative for preeclampsia, but that’s a bit alarming. Going to call physician today. Maybe this has something to do with how uncomfortable I have been feeling.


  13. a couple friends of mine used castor oil to speed things up. you could look into that …


  14. i’ve heard that milking a cow sometimes induces labor. but then you would have to find a cow.

    seriously – i don’t know nothing ‘bout birthin’ babies since i only have cats, and they – thank god – did not spring from out my tender womb.

    but just know that i’m sending you all the positive vibes i can muster to get that cute ‘lil guy to make his debut soon. (is it weird that i just thought about your uterus? i think maybe it is. awkward…)

    hang in there!


  15. You only go through this a few times in your life. This time with your unborn baby and your husband are precious – don’t wish it away.


  16. Sounds hellish…Hopefully it will be over soon. Sex worked for me, within hours my water broke.

    What’s up with your Twitter? How will we know when you go into labor?


  17. A friend of mine was twelve days overdue with no progression. She took a bit of castor oil, went to the hospital half and hour later, and had the baby out in three pushes, before she’d even had a chance to check herself in. Three hours from start to finish—that’s what I hope for you!


  18. Leah, thanks. That would be nice but I have to say what my doctor told me is true. When I told her that I was really scared of actually giving birth, she said, “You won’t be when the time comes. You’ll be so uncomfortable and sick of having this thing inside of you, you’ll be ready no matter what pain you may have to face.”

    She’s absolutely right, yet again. This is why they pay her the big bucks and why I love her so much.

    Re: Twitter. I wrote a post about it and never pushed it live. I only recently figured out how to use twitter and I’m still a little shaky on how things are. Because of the excessive number of spam requests I was getting I turned off “public” which means I lost all those following me (which, incidentally, I hadn’t always received emails for and can’t figure out who they were/are). So, now my twitter account is private and even when I turn that off, it doesn’t seem to work. Toby told me this recently, that it no longer loads on the side of my site. I’m going to try and figure this out tonight.

    The whole reason I signed up for Twitter was the reason you mention, E. And now it’s not working for me. So, I’ll keep you posted and hopefully things will be fixed soon.


  19. I will send Orville down to meow the baby out.


  20. I have no advice to getting labour to start, I was induced due to pre-e.

    I’m wishing you a swift labour and delivery.


  21. Twitter Update: I turned the public option back on but now I have lost all my previous followers/friends. :[ I don’t understand this service entirely. Nevertheless, it should be active. Toby can see it now, so let me know if you aren’t seeing and want to.


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