Girl's State of Boredom Hit By Brick. Tears Ensue.

Last night Tobyjoe and I had got some snacks at a new restaurant in our neighborhood called Parish Diner. While we were there, they played the song by Ben Folds Five called “Brick”.

“This is probably one of the saddest songs ever written.” I said. “Have you ever heard it?”

“No.” He answered.

When I was 23 I beat the living hell out of that song (and cd) with my discman. And up until last night I hadn’t heard it in years. I hadn’t felt particularly depressed, like, no conscious thought came to mind and made me think, “Michele, you’re sad right now.” And the song brings back memories but not memories of any one specific incident and I don’t share the same experience the Ben Folds writes about. But the tears began to pour out of my eyes. The physical response had become completely unavoidable. I tried to stop listening.

“Cant you see. Its not me you’re dying for”

My nose started to run. I had trouble speaking and fully believed that if I did so the tears would turn into sobs. Tobyjoe looked at me from across the table confused. What was I repressing? I wondered. Was this reaction the offspring of hormones?

I am no longer feeling particularly bored. It was a week-long fit. I seemed to have entered a new section of my pregnancy called, “I Can’t Stop Crying.” And it hit me in the head on Saturday night with a Brick.


  1. I think being emotional is pretty common for pregnant women. Hormones is part of it, but there is also a realization that your life is completely changing with the birth of a child. I think that realization really hits home for (some) men after the birth.

    I have to say that if I were pregnant, that is, if I had to go through all the changes to my body that comes with being pregnant, I’d be emotional too.

    Hang in there Michele. The fun part isn’t too far away.


  2. perhaps it really is just the song, i have the same feelings about it.

    wait until your kid is three and all he says is poop. then you’ll really be crying!


  3. The first time I heard that song (actually HEARD the lyrics) I sat on the edge of the bathtub and cried my eyes out. I can’t relate in any way – it’s just too sad.

    And how the heck hasn’t TobyJoe heard that song? I seem to remember it being EVERYWHERE when it first came out.


  4. wait until you start crying at commercials – just part of the whole pregnancy thing


  5. Wow, I cry at commercials now – I’d be in big trouble if I got pregnant!

    Hope you’re feeling a bit better today, Michele. I’ll try to think of goofy songs you can listen to that won’t make you cry. ;)


  6. Oh, I cry at commercials! But this was different. This was totally uncontrollable. It was weird. I wish I could explain it better but I am at a loss. It was as if something was bugging me, eating at me, but I wasn’t actually aware of it. Strange.

    I feel awesome today actually. And honestly, I felt pretty good that day and yesterday as well. It’s just that damn song… it’s freaking brutal, that song.

    We have our first birthing class today. Wish us luck!


  7. I understand this one too. I was much more weepy with the second kid. Any little thing sent me into tears. It will be over soon and you will be so happy to hold that little guy.


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