31 Weeks: Bored to Tears

Last Sunday I woke up bored and that feeling hasn’t gone away since. I am bored by everything. I’m bored by waking up, showering, making coffee, breakfast. I’m bored with the television and movies and I can’t seem to break inertia in order to get into another book. I am bored by myself, my daily routines, washing the dishes, making lunch or dinner. Showering bores me. I can’t even get up enough energy to bake, which is the one thing that generally cures boredom for me.

I’m bored. I’m bored of everything.

I’m bored with eating. The computer bores me. I’m even bored with cupcakes and vinegar. And it’s too hot to take a stroll. Plus, my body doesn’t allow for too much mobility these days especially under extreme heat.

Is there a pregnancy hormone for boredom? I have felt sad, angry. I have even lost my cool a couple of times and lashed out at complete strangers. I have become overprotective, which I am told is normal. I have become intensely frustrated. I have felt like crap, both emotionally and physically. I have cried for no apparent reason whatsoever. But this boredom? This boredom is new. And the book didn’t say anything about boredom. There’s no chapter for that. I haven’t felt this way since I was a teenager.

I’m so sick of being bored. Maybe I should go sit on the toilet.

(P.S. I am having technical difficulties today. Should have avoided posting all together. It seems.)


  1. I’m so sorry. It’s got to be really rough right now. :(


  2. And I keep getting email and phone calls letting me know “it’s just gonna get harder.”

    I GET IT! IT’S GOING TO BE HARD! :] That doesn’t make NOW any easier, however.


  3. when I’m bored I make crank phone calls : )


  4. One thing to be sure of, in a couple of months you won’t be bored! Have you started nesting?? I went mad with my first child. Second time around I had the urges to nest, but I was too worn out. Hope your instinct kicks in so you can get everything ready for your little man to arrive.


  5. If I didn’t have to work this weekend I would so invite you guys over. :(


  6. nervous and small June 1, 2007 at 1:00 pm


    [for what it’s worth, your last line made me laff so hard I accidentally
    spit my morning tea onda iMac……[AGAIN]…….


  7. Ug. Boredom is the worst. I’m no good at boredom. I always seem to open photoshop when I’m feeling particularly uninteresting, and uninterested. Then I get frustrated with whatever I’m trying to make, and end up watching a movie or something. I wish boredom made me bake. Chris would be appreciative.


  8. Hey, I was wonderin’ if you still have that fatty poopington cat? I found your page through that rolling cat thread. I wish it was still opened because I was looking forward to sharing with the world the fact that one of my girlfriend’s most popular pet-names is in fact : poopington! well, it started off that way, but now it kinda has a little accent, so it sounds more like poopin’ton. The full name would be “poopington del an`os stinkleberries”. She loves it when we’re alone but tends to go crazy if I let it slip in front of her friends or co-workers! Go figure. Sorry, to hear you’re so bored , it semmed as though,(through what I saw on your threads), that you have a ton of stuff on your plate. I have good advice to get your mind off dwelling on things, but I got nothing for boredom. Good luck! -Tom

    p.s. I probably won’t check in on your page anymore, but I left my e-mail , and I encourage you to say “hello”


  9. i’m bored, too. (which = avoiding things i’m suppose to be doing) and i recently realized that it’s been 4 years since my last visit to New York… maybe i’ll come be bored with you.


  10. Ginar, I would love that with all my heart.


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