Joseph Petcka: Cat Killer.

(Don’t click any of the links below if you’re anything like me and can’t shake stories of animal abuse. I have half a mind to delete this post entirely. I feel terrible for calling attention to such a horrible news story.)

Joseph Petcka deserves whatever comes his way. If that means being tormented by other inmates, then so be it. If that means losing a big break at playing a dead body in an upcoming Law and Order episode? That’s fine. I wish the abusive, 205-pound man a lonely life.

Why would someone do this to an animal? When are we going to realize that people who abuse animals often times don’t stop there? I simply don’t understand what drives a person to beat a living thing to death. I have no remorse for this man, none whatsoever.


  1. P.S. So, I just censored myself. Tobyjoe informed me that what I had originally written was indeed a crime. Sorry about that. Sometimes my emotions get the best of me and when said emotions surround animals and abuse, I get REALLY really worked up.

    This story is going to haunt me much like all the others I have read about over the years. This story is going to make me question having children. I feel very irresponsible lately. What a cruel and horrible world.

    I think I need to get out of NYC soon.


  2. I’d like an hour alone with him, a blowtorch, some urethral sounds, and a bottle of lye.


  3. You know, I posted about another cruelty case a couple of years ago on my own site, and the woman who was sent to prison actually found my post after she got out and got into this HUGE thing with me about how it wasn’t her fault, blah blah blah.

    Every time I hear stories like this I fly into a rage. It’s completely disgusting.


  4. Jen, I really want to know more about this. Can you elaborate? If not here, then via email? To be honest, that’s why I posted this, well, not so he would find it, but because my google ratings have become a lot more “professional” (for lack of a better word, what I really mean is they used to be disgusting, 4-th grade searches. Now, they’re not.)

    Anyway, I thought that some folks might one day search his name and find this post. Especially since the bastard fancies himself an actor.

    So, I’d love to hear more about what you have to say.


  5. Let me see if I can track down the post and her comments… :)


  6. I can’t click on the link of ‘what he did to the cat’, because I just can’t stand looking at that stuff. My imagination is bad enough anyway…

    Whenever I hear about people who abuse animals, I feel ill. All I think about is how much I love my cats, and how much they add to my life.

    People who abuse animals for the sole reason of doing them harm have no right to live on this earth. The injustice is just too much.


  7. I have to admit, I normally avoid reading stories like this entirely for that very reason, Hemlock. I am literally haunted by them. I still can’t shake stories I heard about animal abuse as a child. These stories will haunt me until they either stop taking place or I am no longer around.

    This particular story made hit the news pretty hard here in NYC. I have no idea why. But it’s tragic and I almost didn’t post it. I feel a little bad for doing so. But then I thought, maybe if people knew what was taking place, they might impose stricter penalties against those who do such a thing instead of looking the other way. It breaks my heart people don’t all share the same amount of compassion for all living beings. These creatures have feelings. They feel pain as well.

    Anyway, to all those like myself, I am sorry that I called even more attention to this story. I really hate that I did so given the way stories like this make me feel. I can’t apologize enough. I only hope one good thing comes out of it.


  8. this makes me want to puke. it makes me doubly want to puke because the connection between animal cruelty and human violence is very well-documented and really really scary. I’ve worked at three domestic violence shelters in three states and the common denominator among the cruelest abusers was animal abuse. Someone who does this to an animal is capable of the most hideous things. I think it’s the right thing to call attention to this story—it’s a warning to everyone. Abuse of animals is almost always the tip of the iceburg of sick things an abuser has done.

    Chances are good that this guy hurt the cat many times before he killed it and so we should wonder what he did to his girlfriend or to kids and certainly, to other animals. Ugh.

    p.s. apologies if the link is mangled…


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