Sick Pet Support (Pet Bereavement, Health, Etc)

Tobyjoe and I built another Web site last week. When Schmitty was sick, we looked all over the Internet in search of a forum devoted to pet health and pet bereavement. We were both shocked to discover how few sites there are out there, so we built our own. The site is called Sick Pet Support and it’s mean to offer just that: support.

My hope is to gather some content over the next couple of weeks, and, hopefully, eventually, it will grow to fill that void. We hope people visit, write, talk about their pets, discuss treatments for their pets, whatever. As long as it’s pet related, the site remains open to anything, run by people who simply love animals. No post is too long, too personal, or too nonsensical. When it comes to our furry companions and the way in which they live, anything goes.

I will answer any questions people may have here in the comments section. For more information about our goal for the site, as well as how it came to be, please visit “About SPS”. Remember, the site is still in Alpha and may have a few bugs. Kindly report any such matters so we can fix them. (If you don’t like to leave comments, you may email me.) Also, please feel free to pass this along to anyone you feel may benefit from it or help it grow.

Again, I am going to write more about the site in the comments sections, mapping out how to leave links, what will change over the next couple of weeks, what we’ll be adding to its functionality, etc. And, as always, if you have any suggestions as to how to make it better or more usable, please do let us know. We really do cherish feedback. We take it very seriously.

Stop by when you have the time.


  1. For now, if you want to leave links on SPS, you do so using Textile Markup (explained really well on Wikipedia).) We hope to add auto http to the site (I think that’s what Tobyjoe called it, who knows), where all links will auto link, but haven’t done so yet. Working on it. Basically, for now, if you want to link to something, (and this is shown at Wikipedia as well) do the following:

    ” link text ” : link_address

    Only, without the spaces.

    This site uses Textile as well, btw.


  2. Tobyjoe is going to have the auto linking feature set up very soon. He thought he had it up and running this morning but there was a bug. He had to leave for a meeting. I’m sure that will be available to us before we know it. That will help as well, right?


  3. Dammit, I just noticed the Wikipedia link is broken.



  4. Yup, that would be good too (I think). I guess auto linking means that when you type in a link it automatically becomes clickable?


  5. Yep. That’s correct, sir. Makes it easy to add reference, etc.

    Also, we’re looking to add “upload photo” links as well that way people can link to images of their animals (or anything, really). Tobyjoe does all that. I just sit here and pour him glasses of tea or wine. :]


  6. I used to be a programmer but I never made the transition to object oriented, java, HTML or XHTML. The most sophisticated language I used was C.

    My CS degree isn’t worth much these days except maybe as a legacy system programmer.

    It looks like Textile is an interpreter. Makes it easy for old guys like me that don’t know XHTML.


  7. re: photos

    Textile appears to allow embedding photos with the !photo url! option. Does that work here?

    If Tobyjoe is working for ice tea and wine, I think he needs a raise!


  8. I should let him answer this bit. It’s kind of above my head. :] But, since the site is built by him (it merely uses textile for posts) we’d need to manually build a feature uploading images to our server. Right now, it’s entirely possible to link to an image but one would have to have it hosted first and then use the textile markup (which is ! !) Of course, remove the spaces. (can’t wait to see if that shit works).

    What we want to be able to allow for eventually is to enable folks to upload images to our server (size them, etc) so that those who don’t have servers and/or flickr accounts can post pictures of their critters. :]


  9. For now, because michele felt folks would be more comfy with HTML versus textile, I switched the site to allow HTML. it filters out a lot of dangerous stuff, but you can embed images, create links, use blockquotes and cites, etc.

    I don’t have time to mess with personal stuff during the day, so this was a 5 minute tweak. I’ll address security and flexibility this weekend.


  10. Have you thought about putting some sort of introductions thread on there – someplace where we can just sort of get to know each other and our cast of characters? :)


  11. Good idea, Jen. I’ll add that to our list for the next roll out. (easy for me to say!) haha


  12. Great site, you guys. As I was reading about your sweet Schmitty over the last few weeks, I knew I’d be going through the same thing very soon.

    Now LBJ is sick at St. Francis, and I’ve screwed up my password on your site. :(


  13. Oh dear, girl27. Can you change it? I’ll write to Tobyjoe. I want to hear more, sweetie. I am so, so very sorry.


  14. I tried to click the “I forgot my password” thingy… and it said it would send me an email. (Yes, I forgot the password I used, in under 5 minutes… you know the state of mind I’m in… you were there not long ago)

    But that was a couple of hours ago, I think. Should I just pick a new name and re-register? I think I’ll do that… ah crap but then my email’s still attached. Merp. :(


  15. Let me bug TJ. I’ll direct him here. Sorry, baby. We’ll do something! I promise!

    I wish I knew all this backend stuff. I feel useless after I hand off the layout/design/color stuff.


  16. Hee! Ok… email me @ g mail dot com if you like. Thanks honey!

    ps… We need more belly pics. :)


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