Let's Try This Again.

Last night alone felt like one hundred Christmas Eves. I couldn’t sleep. I probably squeezed in 3 solid hours and two really shaky ones. At 6:30 AM I finally decided to surrender and simply succumb to thought.

Even right now I am unable to relax; this might be the last couple of hours I have left during my pregnancy to imagine a life with both a son and a daughter. What will he look like? How will she act once she’s 15 and angry with me? Will he be nerdy? Will he like cars and girls or video games and computers? Will she detest pink and play soccer? Will she draw pictures of skulls on her brown bag covered text books? Will he have freckles like his father and me? Will he hate them? Will she shudder over bras and periods, her awkward teenager years, and hips? Will he pick on us for leaving New York City and moving someplace lame and boring? Will she?

At 11:30 AM today Tobyjoe and I hope to find out whether we’re having a boy or a girl. I can’t imagine not knowing for another 4.5 months. I simply must know. Who are you, little one?

(See comments section to read how it went.)


  1. Thanks for taking us readers along with you, Mihow! This post is awesome, I am so excited for you :) :) :)


  2. Well, the umbilical cord was done stuck up right between his or her legs. Clear as day, we even have picture of it, legs crossed, holding it in. however My doctor said the following:

    “I’m getting a girl vibe from this baby. Yes, a girl vibe. But I can’t see much on this because the umbilical cord is blocking the view. But I am getting a girl vibe from this baby.”

    And here is where I add in my totally based on absolutely little fact assumption based on what she said.

    Since we saw the butt and the legs and even though the umbilical cord was blocking the view of the actual genitalia, since our little boy (if we are having one) would most likely be blessed (If you know what I mean) then it would seem plausible that IF it were a boy we’d have seen some junk in the way of the umbilical.

    So, that said, I am going to put down a 65% chance on a girl. We’ll find out for real (given they are using the supersonic equipment) on the 20th.

    And that’s that, for now. Damn umbilical cords. What good are they anyway? ;]


  3. Oh my your baby is stubborn! Good luck on the next one!


  4. Stubborn and really into punching and kicking me.

    But Tobyjoe is right, unless our baby boy is hung like a cricket we’re having a girl. We’ll see!


  5. Dear Ndugu,

    You are a little stinker, aren’t you? Talk about taking a joke too far.


    P.S. I triple dog dare you to keep this up.


  6. Missy, my father called me yesterday from Florida to check in. He said, “How’s Ndugu?”

    We’ve coined the fetal nickname.



    I have no patience. I would seriously already be grounding the little goober for its first six months on the outside for these antics.


  8. Clearly, Ndugu takes after both of you.


  9. By the way, how’re your mom & dad? Are they on their cross-country trip?


  10. They are having a great time! Retired and whatnot. They are heading to the Keys today, lucky bastards.


  11. “Will he be nerdy?” do you really need to ask that?


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