Dear Pregnant Ladies (and Moms),

Is it normal to feel the baby move a lot? I feel Moshy all the time. It’s very crazy. In all of my life I haven’t ever experienced anything like this ever before. Ever.

Here’s a picture taken at my most recent ultrasound:


  1. It depends on the baby. Isabel and Aubrey moved differently. But both had the hiccups at bunch….
    It also depends on what you eat. If you drink a bunch of orange juice the baby might start jumping around once the sugar hits him/her.
    Just wait until you get bigger and you can actually see your tummy bulge out in different places due to a random elbow or foot moving around…!


  2. I forgot to mention that it is a good thing to feel the little one move. It is when you stop feeling them move is when you need to worry. If that happens don’t hesitate to call your DR.. Don’t feel foolish about calling your DR. about anything. They have seen just about everything before, plus it is better to be safe than sorry.


  3. i found your website when i got pregnant and wanted to find someone’s blog to read who was also pregnant – i’m 22 weeks now and i think you are just slightly behind me? so, yay!
    anyways, i said to the doctor “um, is it ever possible for the baby to move too much, because my god!” and she said, simply, “nope”. it just feels weirder and weirder the bigger she gets too. the first few times it would happen late at night and i couldn’t sleep through it, but now it’s starting to feel normal (yikes).


  4. This is what they refer to as “quickening”. I gotta tell you, it’s more that “quickening” it’s more “kickening”.

    I love that my google ads right now are about craving a burger or having NYC food delivered. Awesome.


  5. renmen, I take it you’re having a girl? Congratulations! Perhaps, once ours are born, they can go to punk rock shows together.


  6. it’s all that punk rock music you and tj have been feeding it…


  7. The Quickening? for reals? like that Highlander movie?



  8. Nico gets her nerd on!

    Yeah, I just learned that term recently while reading a book.

    Tell me more about this Highlander movie, Nico.


  9. your baby looks fast! and i hate to say this, but i don’t think his/her head is attached. do the necks develop in the third trimester?


  10. We’re naming it Vector if it’s a boy and Vector if it’s a girl.


  11. haha. I think the movie played at a movie theater where I once worked.

    Something about a Scottish clansman, a sword, and probably some magick.

    Where’s nora? She’ll know.


  12. You just totally outed Nora from the nerd closet. Not that she wasn’t sort of half out to begin with.

    I remember that job. I remember standing there talking to you through that little glass hole and listening to “What’s your name? Who’s your daddy. Is he rich like me?”

    Over and over again, it seemed.

    Popcorn rules.


  13. Ah, the memories come flooding back…

    I think that song, Time of the Season, was on the end credits of that Robin Williams as Oliver Sacks movie. The one with Robert deNiro with brain damage.

    You must have been there between shows. over and over I don’t know.


  14. It was called “Awakenings”.

    Yep. The theme today is “ings”


  15. Yes, Mihow, you should be able to feel your baby move a lot if the placenta is not at the front! Although once s/he gets a lot bigger, you won’t feel so much kicking, more like someone is rolling over in a sleeping bag. Little elbows and knees will poke out, and you will be able to feel where s/he is resting. My munchkin was always more active when he could hear music, or me singing, ie. commuting to work in the morning, singing in the car. That is pretty much the only thing I miss about being pregnant-those little feet and movements inside me, like a secret that only I knew.


  16. Yes, as everyone said, it’s normal to feel your baby move alot. You may notice that he/she moves more at night (or whenever you are sedentary) and less during the day, because the rocking movement of walking puts the baby to sleep! Also, if you start to feel very rhythmic movements, almost like a beat, it is likely hiccups. It happened every day with me!

    Especially as you get farther along, it is important to note that your baby is active. If you don’t feel any movement for awhile, and you are starting to get worried, you can eat something with sugar to stimulate the baby.


  17. Nervous and small March 9, 2007 at 5:12 pm

    Hmm…..I think it just means he/she’ll eventually become very successful in real estate.


  18. The first thing I thought of was the Highlander movie too. gah. The best part of being pregnant is feeling the little critters moving around. Its a cliche, but it is wonderful.


  19. Ha! DRI, that’s a thrashin’ little booger! I know what you mean. Little thing has it’s days for sure. Tomorrow’s the big U/S day! Woo-hoo! I’m hoping you won’t keep it a sercret…


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