Doctor's Visit: Week 16 (and Other Stuff.)

I had a talk with the Little Dude yesterday morning. I said, “You have to perform well today! Do not let us down!” The Little Dude did not answer. Instead, L.D. gave me heartburn, which is really starting to suck. The heartburn is starting to conquer my appetite and the only thing I really enjoy doing right now is eating.

My appointment was for 10:20 AM and Tobyjoe decided to come along because we thought we’d be able to see some baby business but L.D. had its legs crossed, Indian – I mean – Native American style. The situation was really quite comical.

My doctor stood there pointing at the monitor. “You see that? That’s the umbilical cord. You see how it disappears right here? That’s because the legs are crossed. Can’t see any of the good stuff today.”

“I had a talk with it earlier. I asked it to perform well today. I don’t understand what went wrong.”

“I told you that you should have had a shot of espresso.” Tobyjoe joked. “That’d uncross those little legs. It’d be running in place.”

My doctor shook her head. “Not even born yet and already it’s causing you problems.”

I had blood drawn for the Quad screen as well. The results should be back on Thursday. Based on the results I received on the Ultra Screen (explained here), I have all but canceled the Amnio I scheduled earlier on in my pregnancy. (When your chances of miscarrying from the Amnio outweigh the chances you were given for having a baby with Down syndrome, it’s a little difficult to justify the procedure.)

Unfortunately, we still don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl, which pretty much means I’ll continue to drive Tobyjoe crazy as I brainstorm more and more baby names.

“If it’s a boy we should call him Boss. Boss Boudreaux.” I said.

“There’s a developer named Hoss.”

“Is that H-A-U-S or H-O-S-S?”

“I am not sure.”

We should know once and for all on March 12 when I go for my next monthly checkup or at the Level 2 Sonogram I am having done at week 20. Cross your fingers that L.D. uncrosses his or her legs.

In other (fairly related) news, I added Twitter to my Web page. It’s right over there on the right hand side directly below the Google ads. I updated yesterday from the doctor’s office using my cell phone. Pretty cool, eh? We’ll see if it sticks.

Lastly, but so not leastly, I want to thank everyone for the super duper, wonderfully kind emails. I am a little amazed at how much email I received over the last four days and how many people out there are affected by J. and Janet’s story. It warmed my heart, so many sweet stories. Gotta say, though, when y’all come out of the Internet woodwork, y’all are quite the helpful, informative bunch. Unfortunately, do to my freelance schedule right now, I might not be able to email everyone back personally, but I want everyone to know how grateful I am for the contact. Thank you.

That brings me to another point, for the past several weeks, I have been toying with the idea of turning off comments for a while. And then, with the overwhelming response I got from people via email, the idea became a little more attractive to me. Now, I’m not sure what to do but I’m open to suggestions.


  1. Dear Ndugu,

    It seems you got my letter. Thanks for playing along and being funny, you silly boy/girl.



  2. Yeah, it’s all YOUR fault! I totally forgot you put L.D. up to this.

    Seriously, it was really quite funny. We both laughed quite a bit about it.

    Also, when I laughed while she was doing the actual sonogram, the baby bounced around like a big jolly jelly bean. It was funny. I had no idea laughter would do such a thing. Must feel kind of like being drunk and falling off a barstool. Not that I have ever, ever fallen off any barstools.


  3. It’s Hoss. Not Haus. He’s friends with robert, and was a dreamless dude way back when. Scottish, I think.

    Anyway, Boss is the name, for sure.


  4. Did you tell me that last night? I think you did but I got so worked up over our son, Boss, I think I didn’t listen to your actual response.

    There’s a steakhouse in State College named Hoss’s. It’s a salad bar lover’s wet dream.


  5. do you like the twitter thing from the cellphone ?

    i was debating doing that with findmeon, and then they launched that and i said “eh. iiight”. but i kind of want to do it now.


  6. So far, so good, Jonathan. I think it’ll come in handy when I’m closer to popping. :] Like, news on the go or something.


  7. I hope you leave comments on. I understand why you wouldn’t, however….

    I enjoy the comments so much. You have very interesting and intelligent people visiting. Their insights are fabulous and , I believe, add a lot to your posts (not that your posts can’t stand on their own).

    I feel a relationship with you through this blog but also with Jonathon, Missy,Charlie, SCBob etc...

    Hope you leave comments open.



  8. Mihou,

    Your blog has great style- somehow I stumbled across it & enjoyed reading it. One comment on the amnio question, it’s often framed by doctors as trading off one negative (miscarriage) vs. another (having a baby with Down syndrome). Well they are right about the first, but wrong about the second. My own first “LD” turned out to have Down syndrome- and I totally love him- he’s two y.o. and a total chatterbox (150 word vocab.), a radiant smile, and a penchant for going up to dogs to pet them. No wonder there’s a waiting list of people who want to adopt these kids (although the docs don’t tell us that). Anyway, great luck with your pregnancy and your new family!



  9. I would miss the comments & the running conversations, but I will understand if you decide to turn them off.


  10. I’ll leave ‘em on. The only reason I thought about turning them off was because the email moved me so much (not that the comments don’t, quite the contrary.) It’s just that I was amazed at how many folks out there are reading and not saying anything and I really appreciate their voices as well as the folks who are regular commenters.

    Gonna leave it as is.


  11. this web site is wack! how do u even make a M&M


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