Roast the Bean

Tobyjoe turns 29 today. He’s a wee lad.

This is a picture of him when he was a really wee lad. He’s sitting with his sis.

Here is another one. He didn’t even dye his hair. Whose hair does this so quickly? Bean’s hair, that’s whose.

This is the Beanager:

This was taken by a friend of ours a few weeks after we met.

This is Beaner’s white spot:

(There’s that hair again! Changin’ for no reason!)

I love the Beaner.

Happy birthday, my sweets.


  1. Happy birthday Toby! I can’t believe that you are still in your 20’s. Not that you look like an old man. Or act like one. Act like a crotchety old man, I mean.


  2. Happy Birthday Toby! You are such a spring chicken!

    Toby looks almost exactly the same today as in the top photo, but the bottom looks like some other kid. Are you sure that is really him?


  3. I’m adding more pictures as I find them. That picture I just added featuring him as a teenager kills me every time I see it. Lordy, lordy, even a decent catholic girl would have sinned.


  4. hahahha. Toby never told us he was in NKOTB!


  5. Now, we’re getting somewhere!

    Is he wearing a shell necklace? I bet he purchased that right after he got the dolphin tattoo.


  6. And to think my kids pick on me for wearing beer logo hats!

    Happy Birthday Toby.


  7. my mind is boggled at how adorable wee toby is in the first picture.



  8. Well, have a Happy Birthday, Toby!


  9. Happy Birthday TJ! EW’re the same age for a few months. I had no idea you were into younger men Michele! ;)


  10. scbob, beer logo hats are just fine. Coors lite beer logo hats are not fine. ;]

    Tobyjoe and I were discussing when we met last night. He told me we met when he was 23. I didn’t believe him. I made him count backwards. I said, “There is no way I would have dated a 23 year old!”

    I totally did. I totally took advantage of a younger man.


  11. Happy Happy Tobyjoe!! Rock on. Us mid-December babies need to stick together!


  12. So your younger man is really a TrophyJoe?

    Happy Birthday, Toby!


  13. mihow, you are such the sugar mama!
    Happy Birthday Mr.TJoeB


  14. Wait, can I be a sugar mama and not make a dime? WOOT! who knew!

    TrophyJoe indeedy.


  15. wow, the beanager pic is so awesome. and i love the black and white pic of you guys!! HAPPY 29th!!!


  16. Toby, I like your hat.
    Happy Birthday!!


  17. Hey Fun Beaner, we need to talk about The Wire.


  18. BEANER!!!

    Happy Birthday to you!!!! LOVE the pics. :D

    Hope you are feeling better Michele…sorry didn’t respond to your last comment to me…miss you too and sorry you couldn’t make it to the party. We’ll have to get together soon.


  19. aww. beanager!


  20. Missy, TJ mentioned that you two needed to speak. He also mentioned that this is the last Wired season ever? Is that true?!

    Thanks for the well-wishes for Beaner everyone.


  21. No, one more season, then it’s done. I’ve heard next season’s theme will be the press.


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