Don't Drink Expired Post.

Seriously, y’all, this post just won’t die. I came home last night to a retro comment from a gal named “Ashley” and one from Charlie (which made me laugh out loud). This time, I’m really asking. Why do you think that there are so many gals out there searching for “Expired Milk” or “Drinking Expired Milk” on Google? What is this fascination some have with expired milk and letting people know that they shouldn’t drink it?

I’d take it down, but it’s just too damn funny. Plus, all the girls have similar names, which is what I find most peculiar.


  1. Could y’all renact this scene and post it on YOUTUBE so I can truly visually grasp this scenario? Thanks!!!

    BTW I usually march thru two gallons of milk a week, and yeah it’s due to the tea thing…..I highly recommend Taylor’s of Harrogate Yorkshire Red Label.
    Then again it could be because my body doesn’t successfully absorb Vitamin D correctly, but that’s just TMI.


  2. Nervous and small, you’re a fountain of information. You really are.

    I wish we had that scene on YouTube, it was truly a sight to see. Dan and tobyjoe’s reactions were both priceless.

    I also wish i had a video of some of these “ey” gals on youtube if you know what I mean.


  3. i think some of them are fake.


  4. We thought that as well, but why? What would they get out of it? Just f’in around?


  5. OK, there is some weird thing going on with milk on the Internet. Why would over 800 people post a consumer review about a gallon of milk at


  6. OK, that’s ALARMINGLY weird. What is the deal with milk and the Internet? Is this terrorist talk? ;]


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