Sometimes Bigger Really Is Better.

Seriously, Jen Hunter’s right, who would you rather snuggle up to?. Marianne Berglund looks like she was recently released from a concentration camp. Here is another article.

“Ms Hunter’s rival Marianne Berglund, 18, is clinically underweight. The judges have told her she has a ‘great’ body.”

I’m not even sure what to say about this one. And I’m hoping that someone tells me this didn’t really happen.


  1. It makes me ill to read this.


  2. I’d LOVE to have the thin one in front of me right now. Seriously.

    I just ate a sandwich, and one of her protruding ribs would be perfect for picking the bread dough from betwixt my teeth.

    Of course, carbs touching her bones might cause hell to freeze over.

    Actually, that might help counter global warming…


  3. Seriously, if the camera really does add 10 pounds, Marianne is totally screwed.


  4. Honestly speaking, I think the ‘fat’ one is a little too big to model. But I think if she ate healthy , exercised the right parts, and lost ~20 lbs, she could do it easily. Her thighs and upper arms are just too big for modeling. She’s absolutely beautiful, and the kind of girl a guy would be lucky to date—but for modeling, the clothes just wouldn’t look right on her.

    On the other hand, I think the skinny one is waaay too thin to model too. She needs to add on about 30lbs. The judges are smoking crack- the anorexic one would look awful on the runway. her legs and arms are waaay too boney. Look at those knees and elbows ! The clothes would hang awful on her, and they’d have to cover up most of her legs and arms so people aren’t distracted by her joints.


  5. Too big to model? Really? Based on whose criteria? Based on whose rule?

    See, that’s not something I have ever understood, why try and sell clothing to gals who, for the most part, look NOTHING like the skinny chicks you see on a catwalk or in a magazine? Most women aren’t that small. Period. Most women are between a 6 and a 12. I think 10 is the norm now adays. So why sell clothing using women who do not actually represent your normal client base?


  6. Well the couture modeling is aimed at rich anorexic socialites and moviestars.

    Maybe she could get a job modeling for the gap or jcpenney or something. But for some fancy label—its not about the democraphic.

    You also don’t want to portray your product as something that people have as accessible and made for them, but as something that they aspire for or might be out of reach. Maybe if you buy that dress, you’ll look prettier and skinner. The models don’t represent the clients as they are now, but how the clients want to look and feel.

    Now, Michele- this will shock you: UK size 10 is about a US size 4-6. So she’s not ‘fat’ in the least bit. She’s also smaller than the average woman in the US.

    Her arms and thighs just aren’t tone enough to model. I think if she exercised them more, it would be a non-issue.


  7. A UK size 12 is a US size 10 (from what i found and from what I remember while living there). So the only thing shocking to me is that the judges said a size 10 woman is too fat to be a model.

    Also, a UK size 10 is a size 8 in the states.


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  9. everyone likes a little junk in the trunk.


  10. this brings up a question about womens sizes and the womens fashion design sizing. talk about screwed up! i don’t think women’s things are actually designed for women but for some strange numbering system. it’s like a guy buying a large shirt, who’s large or medium for that matter. who in their right mind would make a blouse size 0 or 00 or 5 or 18. would someone please explain how the sizing works. how’s a girl supposed to figure this out??????and her boyfriend buying gifts is completely out of the loop!!!!! i’m going through this right now….my girlfriend is a 0 or 1, a petite 3 and 4, teen 4 or 5…….it’s insane! men’s clothing dimensions are bad, but when i buy a shirt i get a 16” collar with 34/35” arms you buy waste (inches) and inseam (inches)…… women get this quantum-designed item that fits neither of those girls in the picture you linked to. help!!!!!


  11. greg-

    generally speaking,
    even numbers are for women 20+ ie those with curves
    odd numbers are for those below the age – ie, straight hips


    it depends on the label. i jumped online to get the numbers, and read that today , a uk store 10 is a gap size 4-6. the eu doesn’t ‘vanity size’ stuff as much as the us. and some labels do it mre than others. i’m sure if we both looked hard enough, we could find labels that translate an eu10 to a 0-10 in the states.

    in any event, my point was this: she’s not fat. she’s pretty much on the slimmer side of normal. she’s also unbelievably hot. but that aside, she doesn’t fit into body type that supermodels use to market clothing.


  12. Reading about Rachel Hunter asserting that models have to battle their weight reminds me of the doctors who claim that hospital residents should work 120-hour weeks because they have always worked ridiculously long hours. There’s this sense of identity and accomplishment that is derived through suffering and personal privation. What actor doesn’t wax nostalgic about his years waiting tables while he worked for his big break? Or consider the damage and suffering that dancers endure (I’m thinking also of the many women crushed by George Balanchine’s aesthetic) and perhaps jockeys. Or even programmers? The weeks of writing code and sleeping at the studio while struggling to get a project complete. Every techie I know has a story like that … we trade them when we’re drinking beer and playing video games.

    I guess since the actual work of modeling is not in and of itself so grueling, models have nothing else to complain about except staying thin, and in this they find their professional identity. When a potential fashion model rejects the anorexic aesthetic, she rejects the only real accomplishment some of these supermodels have attained—otherwise they’re just pretty faces.


  13. “generally speaking, even numbers are for women 20+ ie those with curves odd numbers are for those below the age – ie, straight hips”
    yeah, but it still doesn’t make any sense. why can’t i choose my inseam length? for those of us not-so-leggy ladies, buying pants is nearly impossible which means i add a $10 hemming fee for my dry cleaner to any pair i buy.
    and i think that swimsuit looks SO MUCH BETTER on the mummy than the skeleton!


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