JPG Magazine and Me!

About a month ago, Derek asked me to take part in an interview for JPG Magazine. It was about Self-Portrait Day. I had a lot of fun answering questions about the site, its history, and how it runs. I gave away secrets, I told stories, and I was asked to give five names of those who stood out over the years as well as explain why. I’m pleased to report that the interview is featured in this month’s issue. I’m even more excited to see it in print.

If you’re interested in checking out the issue you can subscribe here. It doesn’t cost much (24 bucks for six issues!) and you’ll get to see some really awesome photography. It’s also available at over at Amazon.


  1. but I want to see it now….!


  2. I know! me too! Tobyjoe is in this issue as well. heh. his article rules, if I must say so myself. ;]


  3. Thanks for the link, Michelle! And we were thrilled to publish your story. Thanks for contributing it!

    If you can’t wait, the issue should be in Barnes and Nobles nationwide starting this week. Keep your eyes peeled!

    Oh, and, if you enter FLICKR as a coupon code, you can get $5 off your subscription! ;-)


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