Who knew he didn't stop at cheeseburgers and girly drinks?

Today I discovered that Jimmy Buffet has a song called Dickhead

When he’s out drivin’ he’s a Dickhead in his car.

When he’s out drinkin’ he’s a Dickhead in the bar.

When he’s at a party he’s a Dickhead drinkin’ beer.

He’s got to be the winner of “Dickhead Of The Year”.


  1. And to think, SOME PEOPLE (like me) are painfully, horribly annoyed by that guy!


  2. my boss is always listening to him in his office. he’s a big asshat. so I guess it suits him.


  3. Will someone PLEASE send me this song as an MP3? Now, I simply must hear it. Anyone? Email me at buffet at mihow dot com.

    Aimee, I am so, so very sorry.


  4. no, no, no Buffet! Toby, you must intervene.

    Just moments after reading this one of my coworker’s phone starting ringing Margaritaville.

    it all must stop.


  5. Your coworker uses Margaritaville as their ringtone? That should be illegal. Seriously.


  6. ive already disowned my ‘parrothead’ sister over this.
    whats become of the world?


  7. don’t forget “why don’t we get drunk and screw?”- they don’t write them like that anymore


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