What the Hell Happened?

I went to the gym to watch the second half of the Italy/Australia football game. (I promise you, I won’t talk about soccer forever but for now I am really, really into it and it makes me happy.) I ran for 45 minutes and hopped off to watch the last 3 on the floor. At 2 minutes and 54 seconds I walked downstairs and hit the shower. The game was tied 0 – 0.

I’m now at work and I read on FIFA that Italy won at minute 95 on a penalty kick? What the hell? First of all, I thought there were only 3 minutes of stoppage. Second of all, what the hell happened? Someone must give me a really, really good description. I will never, ever walk away from a game ever again.

On a related note, I ran 6.0 miles on Saturday, which has me quite pleased with myself. I have decided to run 3.5 to 4.5 during the week and step it up on the weekends. I plan to do 8.0 this Saturday if all goes well. I learned I am about 1 year overdue for buying a new pair of running shoes. (The things you learn from career runners.) I’m currently in search of a good runner’s magazine any suggestions one might have would be greatly appreciated.

Now, about that soccer game…


  1. good on ya!
    ive been running seven weeks now and only just made it to three miles.
    im a tortoise.
    get runners world. i loved it and it really helped me out as a beginner.
    oh and i want ghana to take it all.
    then the 2010 world cup will be insane.


  2. Ghana! Wowsa! There are gonna be some Italy/England fans who might just freak out about that one, baby!

    I am rooting for England at this point. Methinks. Because they are cute boys and Crouch is weird.


  3. One of the Italian’s took a fall. The Aussie guy didn’t touch him. Then Totti came in for the penalty kick. :(

    Sorry not very technical – I’ve got no idea about the stoppage. It was about 2am here in Aust. so I missed some bits & pieces.


  4. Forza Italia!

    Typical Italian victory: play in your own half of the field, counter-attack when possible, fall over a defender in the dying seconds, and score on the subsequent penalty. Thank you!

    For those of you who are pro-England (and I weep for you…I really do…) you should check out the football365.com website. Its in English (duh!) and gives a more evenhanded commentary on the World Cup. I mean, the “official” sight is all sunshine and happiness for the most part. I’m sure they are calling today’s Switzerland v Ukraine match a “daring contest of footballing wills” when over at football365 they are calling the worst WC match in history. Plus, they got the “look-alikes” section which is pure genius!


  5. Jim – did you see my previous post about major disappointments (I wanted to remind you of Baggio’s infamous pk since you seemed to leave that one out)? Wanted to make sure you remembered that.

    Also, any truth to the rumor Seria A and B are switching places next year? Maybe not, since if everyone’s cheating, then who really has an advantage, right? Are you at least a little embarassed?

    For those not up on their world football – about half the top flight league in Italy is under investigation for match-fixing (including picking of referees… hmmm…. makes you think)

    Go England! Ignore all the previous play – that ugliness just means they’re due for some beautiful play (and at least they grind it out themselves, rather creating controversy everywhere they go)


  6. I love you people. You all make me smile.


  7. Seriously though, did I miss a great last like 2 minutes or what? Why did I walk away from the TV? Why? I really thought it’d go into OT and then (maybe) penalty kicks. I was so wrong.

    Like I said, I’ll never walk away from a football game again.


  8. In reference to Il Codino Divino skying his penalty v Brazil in ‘94…

    Pain…yes…a deep and lasting pain…but I think the loss v France in 2000 was more so. To fight that hard, that long. To outplay (yes outplay!) Zizou and co. for 90+ minutes. Painful…

    And I could have also added Italy’s loss on penalties to Argentina in ‘90. Or their quiet exit from the second round in ‘86. Or about a million other disappointments that the side like to engage in. But what would have been the point, other than taking up precious space on this blog – which is neither yours nor mine?

    If you want a completely sickening overview of the scandel in Italy (and yes I consider it sickening even though the team I support – AC Milan – is near the center of it) then I suggest one and all to pick up the latest issue of World Soccer magazine. There is a three or four page article about it all. Its crazy: Italians are so conspiracy-minded about everything that when it is revealed that Serie A has been one big conspiracy no one can believe it!

    There is a part of me that wants Italy to lose in this World Cup if only so that this scadel does not get swept under the rug. Believe you me – if Italy wins this tourney, then no one will remember Moggi-gate!

    I am not an England fan, but if the team does well I would like it to be because of Peter Crouch and Steve Gerrard – not Looney Rooney and One-Trick-Pony Beckham. If you want to see a proper midfield general look no further than Liverpool’s Gerrard. I think he’s twice the player the media claim Beckham to be. Pity Gerrard does not have a plastic-surgery enhanced wife…Real Merdrid might want him!

    Forza Italia!


  9. You guys crack me up. I love the soccer talk! I mean, Football!


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