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End Embarrassing Gas

Some people experience an increase in gas when stepping up their intake of fiber (as recommended on the South Beach Diet®). While not a symptom of any serious condition, gas can be uncomfortable and unpleasant. Fortunately, this side effect can be managed with the simple modifications listed below.

See these modifications now.

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  1. Here they are. But non in their entirety. You’ll get the point.

    1). Reduce sugar alcohol intake. One of the unfortunate side effects of sugar alcohol consumption is excessive gas production.

    2). Start slowly. The South Beach Diet® encourages the consumption of fiber-rich foods. You may need to approach this slowly.

    3). Cut back on fiber supplementation. Taking a daily fiber supplement like Metamucil may also increase gas production. Try easing up on your daily use of these supplements and see if your gas problem clears up.

    4). Pay a visit to your doctor. If you follow this advice but continue to experience uncomfortable gas, it may be time to see a doctor. Excessive gas production can also be attributed to lactose intolerance, irritable bowel syndrome, or antibiotic use.

    I am not on the South Beach diet any longer but I do still follow its basic rules.

    I do not have gas.


  2. 5) stay away from sulfites. look for wine with no sulfites added ( the fermentation process creates enough already). and if you have any dried fruits, make sure they’re unsulfured – sulfur dioxide will give you IBS.


  3. You can try my Uncle’s “health salad” – he is obsessed with gastrointestinal well being. I have seen him eat this – it ain’t pretty. He also is into low sulfite wine (mentioned above). He likes Almaden in the box – not the jug.

    three large leaves of greenleaf lettuce, 4 tblspoons of whole berry cranberry. handful of canned non pickled olives, 5 oz of costco canned salmon, two peeled organic polumb tomatoes. squeeze of lemon. two tblspoons of extra virgin olive oil. handfull of wilted spinach ( tokill the oxalic acid)


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