The Nikon D200 Under Low Light

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I was messing around with the Nikon D200. Tobyjoe is talking about buying a new digital SLR. (Nuts!) We’ve been discussing the pros and cons behind the Nikon D200 vs. the Canon 5D. He’s leaning toward the Canon because of the way it handles low light and noise. I know what he means. This is precisely why I have been kind of standoffish toward going entirely digital. However, I am really still very smitten with this camera. There’s so much to learn and understand!

Last night I decided to mess around under low light. Here are a few of my experiments.

Oh, and this is just Pookum acting silly.


  1. Pookum has cat breasts.


  2. Pookum is a fat, chubby little piglet.


  3. I want to squish her blub.


  4. She talks too. If you stand there and say her name, she talks and does this weird contorted dance. She lays there and wiggles and talks. She moves her head from side to side and throws her stubby feet into the air and talks.

    “mah. mah. mah”

    Like that. It’s really quick cute. I will take video and show you.


  5. those cups with the skulls are amazing


  6. The firefly lights are beautiful- my brother and I bought a few for my mom for mother’s day- but they don’t actually ‘light’. just stakes in the ground- fire bugs :)


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