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OK, so there are issues with my (new-ish) Web site. Issues I never knew about before today. Apparently, some people aren’t seeing hyperlinks. For that, I am sorry. We’re working on the problem. But I must say this helps me to understand why no one seems to ever click the links here. Could it be they can’t see them? Or maybe that’s because no one wants to. I know I have a hard time a lot of the time. Or maybe it’s because no one comes here anymore and since I don’t have stats any longer, I would have no way of knowing. I will pretend I’m writing to a sold out Internet audience like playing a sold out performance in a pitch black, empty concert hall.


  1. I’m a link clicker… but yes… since the redesign, they’ve been tricky to see. I only noticed them because I highlight as I read sometimes.

    Hope you’re good lady! I love that pic of you fishin’. Very natural and freckly.


  2. they don’t seem to underline now nor do they come across as a different color(i.e. blue)

    you make it pretty obvious in the reading when you say “here”….but only does my cursor change to a finger and the text goes from black text to the color of site titles such as …..”mihow’s Photos (flickr), See Also:, Archives….etc… it’s really suble in the color department.



  3. maybe its because all the people who would click on a link use a mac


  4. I’m still reading :) I must admit I haven’t clicked lately and don’t remember if i noticed any links.


  5. I think I can see all the links, and I do click on them now and then, but I’m wondering how you can keep track of off-site link clickage without some kind of redirection.


  6. You know, Katie, I am not even sure I know what I’m talking about and you’re right, generally, one needs a redirect to really know. I am judging this based on other people who I know who report back to me after I link to them as well as FLickr hits, etc. I’m comparing that number with my visits. So, this is all based on my own assumption and not entirely on facts. :] As usual.

    I’m also basing this on the fact that several people will write or email or leave comments asking me questions that are often answered at a link. Does that make sense?


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