The British are Coding!

Tobyjoe was featured contributor for the biggest Web magazine in the UK. It was about Ruby on Rails. He’s been looking for the magazine for about a week. We finally found some at the Barnes and Noble on Union Square.

At the time he was writing the article, the editor wanted a picture and so he sent them this one shown below as well as several others.

His editor picked the one above. She said, “I like this one, the one with the pint.”

Standing in line at Barnes and Noble, buying the only copy left of the magazine, we stumbled up on Tobyjoe’s picture in the magazine. Everything you heard up until now about the British and their beer was not indeed true. They done went and cropped out the beer. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that it merely didn’t fit in the picture and more to do with the fact that British folks have been lying all these years about their beer.


  1. maybe it was just that the dude next to him complained that his picture made him look like a nerd comparitively…


  2. Congratulations Toby.


  3. Congrats, Toby…very impressive!

    I love the pic…and they definitely cropped out the beer so it would look more ‘serious’.


  4. …at least as serious as you can you look with a leg lamp tattooed on your forearm. ;)

    congrats, toby!


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