Comment Feed and Maintenance.

I’m still getting to know how the new version of this Web site works. For example, up until yesterday I didn’t have stats. Also, I am no longer emailed when I receive a comment. However, there is an RSS feed for recent comments and I find that I’m using that quite frequently. Anyway, if anyone wishes to follow along by using “recent comments”, please do so by subscribing to the following URL:

To be honest, I like it when people start discussions on here and I find that the comment feed is helping that along. So, feel free to bookmark that and we’ll see if we can’t build an even better, more active community. (Dare I dream?)

Also, if you have run into any strange things here or have any suggestions on how to make it more useable, please let me know. (Email works. You can email me at michele at this domain dot com.) I plan on working on it over the next couple of weeks and would love feedback about what may have been overlooked.


  1. i noticed when I left that comment this morning that your British post read “posted by mihow 20 minutes from now”. Which is pretty amazing. David Blaine has NOTHING on you.


  2. p.s. its doing it again


  3. yeah. about that. Our server is in Mountain zone. I think. So while I can manually change my post’s time, I ain’t got nothing on the comment time. We’ll see what we can do about that. :]

    Or, you can just know you’re freaking magical and be done with it.


  4. Yesterday I posted my first comment since the upgrade and I’ve been looking forward to posting again because the action after hitting the submit button is really elegant.

    You and Toby are genius.


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