Friday Free-For-All.

My sister-in-law sent me three pictures yesterday. The photos were the considered “rejects” that had recently come back in the proofs sent over by a professional photography studio. I wasn’t so sure they should actually be considered rejects, however.

Internet, check this out.

(In all honesty, this is the type of thing that has Tobyjoe and I laughing to tears at night. I’m not sure my life would be as colorful and comical had I not learned Photoshop.)

In other news…. Jo Ann Emerson, a Republican Congresswoman from Missouri, sent out a response letter with a little surprise at the end of it. Click here to see a scan of the letter. Make sure to check out the very last line.

I was going to leave a mirror post on mihow as well IHD as I found it pretty humorous but it’s easier for me to just link to it. I’m so lazy. Viagral Marketing Outside Grand Central Station. I know a guy who works with Pfizer, the massive pharmaceutical company who creates Viagra, and he brought them several of these to hand out at a meeting yesterday. He said the people he met with got a kick out of it.

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