Baby Names: Take Two.

Tobyjoe and I have added two names to our list of girl names. And I figured I’d keep the Internet up-to-date. If we decide that Winter Boudreaux doesn’t work. We both like Hannah and Enid. But I worry Enid might not go over too well if we’re still living in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.


  1. Check out this site by Oxygen:
    They have a “name drawback” feature that shows the possible teasing nicknames. It could make you think twice about a name!


  2. uhoh….

    ::slowly clicks the link::


  3. Hannah Ho

    Hannah Banana

    Hanny fanny

    Hannah jam

    Hannah jam



    Ha Ha

    Hannaah Barbanna




  4. OH dear, Julie, this is addictive.

    I like Shane, too.


  5. Toby-won-kanobi

    Toby or not to be








  6. We are expecting. I am still in my 1st trimester, but I am really thinking about names. If a boy probably William Gabriel and call him Gabe. I have no girl names picked out. We already have a Madelyn Jane(Maddy)and not sure what girl names I like. I am sort of partial to Enid though! Missy, if you are reading this, I am sorry you had to find out this way. I’ve been meaning to call, but I have been terribly sick with 24 hour morning sickness.


  7. I’ll give you Enid. But it’s gonna cost you!


  8. That site is certainly interesting. From my real name:

    Rockin’ Robyn

    Robin red-breast

    Batman & Robin








    Little Bird

    Wow, I can’t believe they missed Robinhood. That was my biggest nickname in highschool. Everyone who comes out with Batman and Robin thinks they’re the first one to come up with it.

    No matter what your name is, evil kids are going to find a way to make fun of it.

    I love Hannah. My favorites are Alice, Chloe, Donatella, Bradford, and Christopher. Pretty popular ones, but I like them.


  9. I like both names!
    That link Julie posted is totally addictive. But why is Sarah-licious considered a drawback nickname? I think I am going to insist people call me this from now on.


  10. Mitch
    Shell Station
    Miss Smell (WTF?)
    Shelly Belly
    Michigan (Huh?)
    Mi Mi
    Ma Bell
    Michele, My Belle
    Smell Chele (indeed)
    Smelly Chelie
    Miss Hell (Ok.)
    Missile Fart
    Mickey (or Miki)


  11. Missile Fart – just made me laugh out loud.

    ? Wow. Stretching a bit, huh?


  12. Robyn, you’re lucky. Those nicknames aren’t so bad at all.

    whoever left Missile Fart in there had issues beyond the name Michele, i fear.


  13. we’re thinking of lily and ada. we’re not planning on boys. that’ll probably mean boy comes first. but i’m a biologist and I feel scientifically that we’re ensured a girl first go-round…


  14. No, I had it pretty easy, compared to some. Except when you hear the 10,000th rendition of “Jingle bells, Batman smells, ROBIN laid an egg!” Apparently that never gets old.

    “whoever left Missile Fart in there had issues beyond the name Michele, i fear.”

    I’d say.


  15. aim-pee. Awesome.

    I get “Michele, my belle… these are words that go together well…”

    And every now and again someone knows about that song about suicide. “Goodbye Michele it’s hard to die…”

    We had joy we had fun, we had seasons in the sun.. and the hills that we climbed were just … blah blah


  16. AND OMG Julie!!!!



  17. My name is Elizabeth and they came up with plenty of teasing names for that. Hands down most creative was Laser Breath. When I was choosing names for my son, his father kept shooting down everything and telling me what he would end up getting teased with. Finally, I told him that if it was a boy he could choose the name and I would choose for a girl. We had a boy. The name he chose: Nick. Hmmmmm. I wonder what rhymes with Nick? Probably nothing. Should be safe.


  18. Chandelier
    Charlie Chan
    Chan the Man

    yup, but nothing compares to “How’s Joey?” or “Where’s Ross? ” etc.

    i love the name ada, maybe it’s a programmer thing. i like ada-mae too.


  19. Isabel’s best friend is named Hannah. The only name we really call her from time to time is Banana. She really doesn’t mind but then again she is only 4.
    Isabel on the other hand gets all sorts. One that has stuck with us for her since the day she was born is Belly. She decided this past summer that she no longer wanted to be called Belly and informed everyone that she we were to call her by her full name of Isabel.
    Now as far as names for our second baby, we really haven’t come up with any set ones yet but Mike and Isabel are rooting call this baby: Frisbee! I have already vetoed that one!!


  20. Michele,

    After all your reasearch on hurricane names i thought you would realize that this world needs a Hortense!

    My last pregnancy I really wanted a second girl. I had her name ready to go….Eliza Jeanne….and she had the nerve to be born with a penis so I was stumped for a name. I used his Grandfathers names, counting on an inheritance.



  21. I checked out Julie’s link….fun…there are no drawbacks for my daughter’s name. I can’t wait til she tells me she hates her name and I can point this fact out! For my son, Anthony, a list a mile long. Can’t wim ‘em all.


  22. After having two boys, Kerry and I just KNEW our third child would also be a boy. After Henry and Owen, we knew the third child had to have a name that started with the letter G so their initials could spell HOG, and the choices came down to Gus and Guy.

    We were so convinced and excited about our impending HOG, that we decided to let the ultrasound technician tell us that our baby was in fact a boy. So you can imagine our surprise when she was quite clear: we were having a girl.

    Now, no girl wants to round out HOG, so we picked Philippa to make HOP (and we have an option on an “E” name should we ever adopt a fourth).

    Be prepared for a boy. And I think you’re denying your child a vital part of childhood if you pick a name that can’t be rhymed with a bodily function or part. I think Guy Boudreaux would be great if only for the sheer volume of vowels and unusual letters in his name.


  23. I’m laughing out loud. Thanks.

    Hortense! Meghan, you’re the best.

    Charlie, I want to meet your HOPS. But Toby things we should name a boy Huey Boudreaux. Holy cow.


  24. Two weeks ago a friend here named her baby Ione. I think she is still to young to interview. They had two girls names picked Ione and Talula…I like Talula


  25. Speaking of the Hurricane Project, I started putting it together last week. I hope to have it read to go by the mid-summer. (I have a lot of footage and I am no editor.) I have been meaning to write an update to that incase anyone out there has wondered.

    I love the name Ione.


  26. If you guys decide to come back to Niagara Falls, you will have to meet them.

    We have no immediate plans to come to NYC. We went to DC last weekend. We might do a NY getaway this summer.


  27. Just for God’s sake don’t call her Apple, or Spoon, or Suri. shiver

    I like that Will Ferrell named his son Magnus. That cracks me up every time.


  28. My Dad is partial to calling me Cornmeal. For some reason this cracks me up. My middle name is Elizabeth and it’s my Mom’s first name. She likes to call me Camille Elizardbreath. Also funny.

    Along the lines of the name Enid… I’m friends with sisters named Ingrid and Elise. They are very cool and hip and, thus, I like those names.


  29. Elizardbreath!!!!!!


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