This World is SO Big Enough For the Two of Us.

Sometimes people do things that are inexplicably awesome. Last week, I received an email from my dear friend, Lana.

Subject: Too Cute

The e-mail featured a lovely picture of a fuzzy little feline. I was instantly smitten. It’s not entirely weird for people to send me cute pictures of cats. I love cats and this one is so cute, she really does deserve a great home. I did question Lana’s motives, however. We trump her one cat by two. Like most Canadians, Lana is very sneaky.

Last night, I received another email. This one was from Ms. Parasol who is also up in Ottawa.

Subject: I thought Mihow was a cute name for a cat… and this stray cat was deserving of a cute name.

She sent me a picture and a description of the same shelter cat! The part that I didn’t notice in Lana’s previous email was the actual NAME of the cat. Ms. Parasol (who works for an animal shelter) actually named this little cutie. I’m also left questioning her motives. And I’m trying to talk Tobyjoe into four. How does one import a Canadian cat? Do they need green cards? We were going to make a go at a baby, but a family of cats is cool, too.

Next to spending yesterday with my mother in New Jersey, this may have been the highlight of my weekend. (Thank you, Ms. Parasol.)


  1. You damned liberals want all the immigrants coming here and taking our jobs!


  2. You’re welcome. Like I said, I think it’s a cute name for a cat – kind of a long drawn-out “meow”. Mihow has the largest ears I’ve ever seen on a cat (not a comment on your ears). They look bigger in real life than they do in her photo- she must be part German Shepherd. I’ll keep you posted as to whether the adopter keeps her name. I suspect Mihow will be adopted within the next few days – she’s very sweet.


  3. They better treat her well! You know, it’s probably a good thing you don’t live near us, I seriously would have trouble NOT taking this cat in. She’s so cute!


  4. The rules might have changed, but I’m pretty sure that cats being imported to the US require a certain period of quarantine(1 or 2 weeks), as well as documentation from a vet that she’s up to date on all her shots.

    She looks like a real cutie. But lemme just give you a bit of fair warning: Four cats is A LOT more than three. Doesn’t seem like it would be… but it is. But I wouldn’t trade my guys for the world. :)


  5. I bet Toby would trade in Tucker :)


  6. Girl27,
    Those days of quarantine are over. To bring a pet across the border you just need to show an up-to-date vaccination certificate. Even if you forget that, they’ll usually let you through.


  7. Good to know! Thanks for the info, Parasol.


  8. it’s true, i troll the adoptables pages during my lunch hour…


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