Condoleeza Rice Vs. Hilary Clinton

The other night, the 2008 presidential election came up. We were making assumptions as to who might run and who they might run against. Both Tobyjoe and I feel that Mark Warner, the former Governor of Virginia, stands a pretty good chance at becoming the next Democratic nominee. At some point, Tobyjoe suggested that the Republicans might nominate Condoleeza Rice as their candidate.

Somehow, this turned into a discussion about who would win if Condoleeza Rice AND Hilary Clinton ran against one another. I am absolutely certain that Condoleeza Rice doesn’t stand a chance at winning the presidential election. I’m not saying she’s not perfectly able. And even as I step away from her political platform and beliefs, I have very little faith in the American public to think that the nation is ready to vote for a woman, and even more specifically, a black woman.

When pressed into answering if I thought Hilary would take her, I had to go with an unknown, third party. I know that Americans in general can’t stand Hilary Clinton, so my guess is that while she wouldn’t win this imaginary election either, but I still can’t see people voting for Condoleeza Rice.

Am I being unfair? Is the American Public open-minded enough to elect a black woman as their president? Because I’m not convinced. While some liberals might cast a vote for her on principal alone, (ie., employing the, “I know she’s republican, but she’s African American and she’s a woman. I am going to vote for this black republican woman because it’s the right thing to do.”) I find it hard to believe that the conservative south will vote for a black woman. And everyone knows if you can’t win over the south, you can’t win period. I don’t care how republican and smart and conservative and able she is. The American bigots haven’t grown up enough, yet.

Recently, Bill Lester became the first ever black NASCAR driver. Fans have raised an eyebrow or two over this. Some fans are flat-out unhappy about his success. If American NASCAR lovers aren’t ready to accpet a black racecar driver, do you really think they’re reading to elect a black AND female president?

Then again, (and here is where I talk out of the others side of my mouth) Lester states:

I’m a race-car driver who happens to be black, not a black race-car driver. I’m not here trying to wave the flag for diversity.

Lester has been surrounded by our media, it’s like they’re trying to flaunt the fact that a black man has been accepted into NASCAR. Why is this?

Maybe, Condoleeza stands a chance after all.


  1. Condi wouldn’t get the votes of half the racists and sexists: those who would vote against her because of sex and race (including some liberals). She would get votes of the other half of racists and sexists: those who would vote for her purely because she’s a black woman.

    Racism and sexism would play a part, certainly. How significant that part would be is hard to say.

    The rest of us would be split on her. I’d never vote for someone who toes the party line and that of big, big, big business so unabashedly and without remorse. I’d never vote for someone with an oil tanker named after them. I’d never vote for her after hearing her tesify before the 9/11 commission. I’d never vote for her because she embodies most of what I hate about the right side of the aisle.

    I’d never vote for Hilary, either. She’s entirely dishonest and ingenuine, lacks a spine, and has been (at least) complicit in her husband’s sexual and monetary scandals.

    If those two ran, the third party would matter big time. Whoever dominated third party votes would Perot the whole thing.

    I think Warner could win the nation with a pretty serious margin. I disagree with him on a lot of issues and am scared of the influence he might give to business, but he could help carve out the middle ground that the Bush administration has helped destroy.


  2. Lester is the first black NASCAR driver in the last 20 years. There were several before him including one they made a movie about.


  3. Thank you, scbob. I didn’t know that. Obviously, I am not up on my NASCAR. But I’d like to be!

    I stand corrected. Oh, that reminds me, I have to ALL CAP NASCAR.


  4. talk about your allime low voter turnout!!!! hehehe

    i find it more probable that the conservative south would vote for a black woman before hilary as much as i would guess that a leftist/feminist would not vote for a black-woman-republican. don’t forget the left trashes condi and call her a “sell-out” for being republican.


  5. Yeah, no one gives a crap.

    It’s true.


  6. Hmm, I’m not really sure Condi would stand a snowflake’s chance and unfortunately it probably is more because she’s black than because she’s a woman. Our lack of progression as a people is staggering when you really think about it sometimes. As far as Republicans are concerned, she’s probably be a great president.

    Then again, I can’t help but feel that Hillary could probably kick her butt. Not so much in an election sense, as in a mud-wrestling sense.

    Oh WHY did I just say that, much less THINK it?! Now, I have this picture in my head that is SO NOT PRETTY. :P


  7. hi! I’m in the South and though I’m not hard-core anything (I tend to look at each individual and each issue and not pick parties), but I know many family members that ARE hard core Republican and would never ever ever ever in a million gazillion years consider voting any other way…regardless of race, gender, or stupidity. That, and they definitely would never vote Hilary – whew, they hate her butt.


  8. For the record, I wasn’t calling the South bigotted. I, too, grew up down south as did Tobyjoe. But it’s my understanding that the South and which way the south leans during any presidential election kinda predicts the outcome in the end.

    I very well may have my facts wrong, however. But I seem to remember that from the last election; if the south likes a particular candidate, usually they’re the one who ends up winning.

    Toby? If you’re there, help me out with this foggy recollection.


  9. Now, I feel bad. I seriously didn’t mean any harm by this post. I am not calling any one place biggoted or racist.

    I wouldn’t vote for Condi, but that has nothing to do with her race.

    I’m also pmsing and EXTREMELY moody today.

    I’m having a bad, bad, rough, very long day.

    I feel like crawling under a rock.

    I’m sorry if I offended you with this post.

    I meant no harm.

    I’m going to stop this nonsense now.


  10. Someone told me that he thought that Dennis Haysbert (the guy who played the President on the show “24”) would win if he ran. We haven’t had an actor in the White House for over twenty years, aren’t we due?

    You want a good race? How about Haysbert vs. Martin Sheen? They wouldn’t even need to campaign, just show reruns of their tv shows.


  11. He was on some morning show promoting the “The Unit”…and they said he is considered the most trust-worthy spokesman (allstate) ever. He’d totally win.

    Condi and Hillary are not likable.


  12. “totally win” I say in a very optimistic “yay!” sort of way.


  13. hey there – I just wanted to say that you didn’t offend me at all and I feel really bad because you commented that you felt bad after my comment and I totally was not offended. I hope you’re having a better day today!!


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