Sunny Taylor

The first time I saw Sunny’s paintings I was impressed. Then, I found out the most remarkable part about her; Sunny paints with her mouth. Sunny was born with a disability called Arthrogryposis. It was caused by U.S military pollution.

Tobyjoe used to date her sister and has known Sunny for a long, long time. Last night, we were discussing the possibility of commissioning Sunny to paint our portrait. But, I’m sure she’s way out of our price range.

I am amazed at what people are able to do when they are passionate about something and the hurdles they’re able to overcome to make something happen. When I hear about people like Sunny, I feel ashamed at how lazy I am and how much I complain about life when I have it so well. What a remarkable young woman. I think the only physical hurdle I have ever had to overcome is hearing loss in one ear and Tinnitus in the other.

I have linked to her work in the past but felt her new work deserved some attention. Please stop by and check out her work. You can listen to interview on NPR from last year as well. Enjoy!


  1. all I can say is “wow”


  2. honestly, that’s exactly what i was gonna say. what an amazing woman.


  3. Sunny is great. She was sort of my second sister for 6 years. I miss that lady.


  4. Well, let’s hire that sweet lady to paint us a picture. :] It would be so incredible. We’ll just not go out ever for like a long, long time.


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