Overheard in New York

Am I the only person who finds Overheard In New York kinda off-color at times? This was taken directly from their “Totally Awesome Quotes” section:

Title: Go Back to Israel!

Jewess: That’s the third time you mentioned Jews. What’s wrong with Jews?

Goy: They are demanding, confrontational, and have a hard time telling the truth. What religion are you, anyway?

Jewess: Uh…Baptist.

—Times Square

And if that’s too far-fetched am I the only person who finds that a lot of what ends up on the site is either made up or an actual joke? I realize that I sound cynical. I also realize that a lot of it is actually funny. But some of it presses the same button Craigslist has pushed hundreds of times before.


  1. It’s an excellent site for privileged WASPs to feel superior to your everyday New Yorker (especially the poor, minorities, and ‘hobos’).


  2. Maybe we need to tell more hobos about it. Can you imagine that version? Hot damn. Now, that’d be something I’d read.


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