A Slice of Heaven.

Last night, I visited the Barnes and Noble on 46th street to pick up a few things for the project we’re currently working on. I also wanted to pick up a new book for myself. I ended up getting The Good Life by Jay Mcinerney. Judging by its cover, you might figure out what it’s about. There will be tears. I read Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close a few years ago. That book had me laughing and sobbing from one paragraph to the next. So if you’re looking for a book to cry over, I highly recommend it. (Side note: I have often wondered whether or not that book would have been as sad for those who didn’t live in New York City on September 11th, 2001. It hit home for me, at times, too closely.)

While we were at Barnes and Noble, I felt I had to ask the employees a few questions.

“Do you find you’re selling a lot of A Million Little Pieces these days?”

“Yeah. We are.”

“That is a crying shame.”

“But they’re being returned just as fast.”

The woman in line behind us laughed out loud as did TobyJoe and I. The employee smirked with approval.

“Are you selling his other book? That newer one?”

“Not yet. Nope. It might be too soon, yet.”

I looked around and realized that I was in a store filled with possibilities. Without ever leaving, I am given the opportunity to visit a thousand new places, experience a billion new ideas, and get to know a hundred new friends. Oh if only one had the time!

Both of Frey’s books lined the shelves like dishonorably discharged soldiers. Both books had massive discount stickers all over them. Both books looked a little desperate for attention, like unwanted adolescent orphans with a long rap sheet.


  1. just put it on my wishlist. i can use a good cry over a book – to get it out of my system… i’m still debating whether to read it in english or rather in german. is it difficult languagewise?


  2. Do you read better German or English? Mind my asking? Which one, btw.


  3. “extremely loud and incredibly close”

    well, since german is the language i grew up with, i know it a lot better than englisch and i probably read it better, too. i’ve been reading in english for a few years now, but usually nothing “difficult”. like, i probably wouldn’t read tony morris in english because of the metaphores and difficult, a lot of times for me unknown, words she uses… but i’m fine with books that use mainly the same kind of english you would use when you talk to someone… :)


  4. This is very good information for me for other reasons. :] I think I was mistaken. I thought you were from the states. hehe

    Based on that, I’d say pick up the one in German, then. It’s pretty heavy but it is written from the point of view of a child. So now I’m going to speak out of the other side of my mouth and say, I’m not sure. haha



  5. actually, a colleague just stopped by and saw me check the book out on amazon. he told me he’s reading it right now and it’s one of the best books he’s read in a while.

    so now i put it on my amazon-wishlist in english and if i don’t get it or buy it before he’s done, i will just borrow his and read it in german.

    although i have to say i’d kinda almost prefer to read it in english, it’s a great way to improve it… i might just do both :)


  6. btw, i think it’s so funny you thought i was american :D i’m actually, born and raised in germany. so 100% german. but the guy i happened to fall in love with is american, so i kinda had to work on the language-skills since his german is… well, let’s say very basic :)


  7. Yeah, I think I read something incorrectly. Go figure! Hehe

    OK, so answer this: do you generally prefer reading books in German? Generally.


  8. nope, i generally prefer reading books in english. i think i may have a tiny idea what this may be about :D


  9. OH DO YOU!?


    Good things come to those who wait! And I can’t wait! I’m excitable today.


  10. i’m known for my patience cough so i’ll be fine – even though i have to say i’m excited about “da club” :D but now it’s my weekend just around the corner. it’s 5.30 pm and i’m gonna go home. have a good weekend, michele :)


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