We’re Starting a “Club”. Everyone is Invited.

Tobyjoe and I got to talking last night. We have an idea I think is absolutely fabulous and absolutely easy. Should it work it will prove satisfying for everyone involved. Here’s the deal: The first 5 people to send me their addresses via email (people I DON’T regularly see, please. There’s a reason. It’s not that I don’t love you all.) I’ll include in the first round.

I will not publish the address. I will not use it for any other reason than to send you each a present and I mean that. You get something free in the mail. There’s no catch. I will just send you a gift.

I know, this sounds a little strange. But trust me. It could be really fun. That said, email me at share at mihow dot com. (I’ll even send you my own.)

EDITED TO ADD: Thank you, everyone! I received more than enough names. Address submissions are closed now. If you got an email back, you were among the first five. If not, wait till next time!

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