Cop Shoot Cop. (Not the band, honky.)

An off-duty, rookie cop walks into a White Castle. He is intoxicated. It’s 4 in the morning. He’s carrying a gun and isn’t supposed to. That’s rule number one. He broke it.

He orders his meal. While in line something happens. Words are exchanged. Since it’s 4 in the morning, the witnesses have varying accounts of what the prelude was. Either way, a fight breaks out. A group of 5 or 6 men begin to beat him. He is knocked to the ground and repeatedly kicked.

The men run from the store. The off-duty cop staggers out as well. With his gun drawn, he points it at one of the kids in the parking lot. It’s dark.

A 20+ veteran cop shows up on the scene. He instructs the man to drop his weapon. The man does not. The veteran cop shoots the off-duty cop. The veteran officer has no idea he just shot a cop as it’s been reported that the rookie did not follow protocol by a). Dropping his weapon, or b). Announcing to the cop that he, too, was an off-duty officer.

The rookie is rushed to the hospital. His wounds are serious.

That’s the backstory. That’s how it happen, from all I have read.

On Tuesday, his leg was amputated as it is said the cop who shot him severed a major artery. It’s still not known as to whether or not he will live through this.

One officer writes on an NYPD forum Web site:

“Let this be a lesson to all rookies and veterans who choose to try to enforce the law after a night of sousing, DON’T DO IT. It is in your best interest to be the best witness that you can be. If you know you are drunk and armed perhaps you might just swallow your pride and walk away from an altercation. The job will never, ever back you if you have a couple in you. This is a privilege only reserved for the upper brass.”

Another responds:

“Gotta love the hypocrisy here … Kid defended himself against SIX savages, who cares what his condition was … he did what he had to do … to the hypocrites here, let me ask you something … I guess you never, and I stress NEVER, had a drink(s) and had your piece?”

Click here to read more. Apparently, there are very heated discussions taking place in the police community about who is at fault and whether or not the rookie cop should be hung out to dry because he broke several important rules.

“If they’re going to give you enough responsibility to carry the gun, you have to be responsible about when to carry it.”

I can’t say I’d want to be near a drunken cop carrying a piece while out partying. At the same time, these men and women are human. Of course they’re going to get drunk from time to time. Hell, look at the number of hunters we have roaming the woods every season. You damn well know they’re not sober. But, personally, I hate guns. I despise them. I see absolutely no good in them whatsoever. If we could rid the world of them tomorrow, I’d say let’s do it. But I’m an idealist who would rather see a dispute ceasefire with a discussion.


  1. Woops.

    The only question I care about it this specific case is whether the shooter identified himself and ordered the druken rookie to disarm. If so, it’s a sad situation, but it’s the drunken rookie’s fault. If not, the shooter should lose his job and pension.

    In regards to the bigger questions this brings up, I believe that there should not only be strict regulation of off-duty weaponry, but also of off-duty drinking.


  2. did I type something wrong?

    Yes, the veteran did ask him to disarm. It’s my understanding, he did not.


  3. From the NYT:

    “The department’s guidelines on drinking seem to accommodate a range of conduct. “Do not consume intoxicants to the extent that member becomes unfit for duty,” the patrol manual commands on one page, only to warn elsewhere that officers should leave their guns at home “if there is any possibility that they may become unfit for duty due to the consumption of intoxicants.”


  4. Cops are only interesting when they’re drunk and strapped. I occasionally play rugby with an undercover Baltimore narc. He’s insane, and I generally feel safer when he’s had a few beers to take the edge off.


  5. I read:

    “I occasionally play an undercover Baltimore narc. He’s insane. and I generally feel safer when he’s had a few beers to take the edge off.”

    I almost wrote:

    “Your wife must love him.”


    Well, I guess, for some, it does prove to be a depressant, eh? Let’s get our law enforcment shitfaced!


  6. i think he should have never worn a gun in the first place. he was off-duty. it was his free time. i think he had all the right to get as shitfaced as he wanted, but not while carrying a gun. the cop who shot him didn’t do anything wrong. he asked him to drop the gun – the guy didn’t. what was he supposed to do? wait for the drunk to shoot him (or others standing around for that matter) ?

    there’s a lot of truth in the last quote…


  7. hmmmmm …. maybe I can get Kerry to play cop.


  8. Kerry? .. Lets add bush onto that list too XD


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