Lettuce Stop Littering.

(With headlines like the one above, I could totally work for the New York Post.)

Yesterday, while listening to The Rachel Maddow PodCast, I was made privy to the story that took place in Easton, Pennsylvania on the 23rd. Basically, for you anti-clickers out there, a woman ordered from McDonald’s. She then drove to Wal Mart and decided to eat her meal in her car in the parking lot. When she was finished eating her burger or whatever, she decided she didn’t want the lettuce any longer. She rolled down the window and threw the remains out the car window. She was cited for littering. She owes $173.50.

Lettuce comes from the ground, therefore it can go back into the ground, It‘s biodegradable. I didn‘t think I was doing anything wrong.

She failed to appear in court, deciding the fine was stupid. I suppose.

This small story has spawned one heck of a debate between myself and Toby Joe (we happen to be on the same side but we’re still discussing it.) and several people on the Internet. Some people feel that since it came from the land, it can be thrown back to the land. Others believe that this could potentially harm animals as many try and eat the discarded food.

Inspired by her thoughtless actions, I left a comment on a community site (something I normal shy away from). I was going to copy and paste that comment here but I think everyone out there knows how I feel about it. Plus, for me and my prejudices, it doesn’t help that she ordered from McDonald’s and then ate it at Wal Mart.

I can’t stand it when people throw apple cores out their car window. Cigarette butts can be seen everywhere you go. Some feel that the beach is actually a giant ashtray. Most of New York city is paved with used, old gum. I find it disgusting. And everyone knows how If eel about discarded chicken bones. I say, fine the hell out of her. Maybe next time she’ll think twice.


  1. Organic droppings or not, litterbugs should be picked off by snipers.


  2. toby i agree, michele i agree!!! here’s my story about what i deal with 4-5 times a week and it’s got me to the point of wanting to take off wotk and camp out of as long as it takes to shoot this idiot! some jackass decided to start depositing old food in my back yard. i’ve put up signs but it didn’t work. i haven’t seen this person do it so i don’t know what to do. i think they’re trying to give their scraps to eddie. he comes from behind the garage (there’s an alley on that side of the garage) licking his chops and i go balistic! when i say scaps, i don’t mean tidbis of steak, i’m talking about whole buns, half a pound of spaghetti w/sauce, lettuce, hoagies, and here’s the big winner, entire pumpkin pies w/mold on them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’ve found 7 pies to date in my back yard. luckily eddie’s only been sick twice and that was in the beginning when i didn’t realize what was going on. i’m so unbelievable furious that i don’t know what to do other than find this guy/gal and knock their block off!


  3. Landmines on the side of the fence where this dude stands, Greg.


  4. What the hell? Is he trying to create a compost pile or something? Weird.

    Sue them for making your dog fat. Those bastards.


  5. i’m glad eddie has a cast iron stomach, but there’s no excuse for this crap!!! it takes a lot to get me mad, but i’ll tell ya, this is one where i boil instantly!


  6. Drunk on the subway, I’ve often thought of responding to one of those subway ads recruiting new police officers.

    Why? So I could ride the subways and walk the streets of NYC handing out pricey tickets to everyone who drops a chicken bone on the subway or flicks their cigarette butt into the street.

    I’m with toby – pick them off with snipers. That filthy fucking bitch was cited for littering because that’s what she’s doing – and she’s trying to save face. When I walk on the street, I expect to not step in lettuce, tomato or mayo. Aside from it being disgusting on my shoe, i could slip and fall.

    BTW, aside from breaking the old rule of being considerate and not littering—this woman broke one of the ‘Golden Rulesâ


  7. Umh Jonathon,

    Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

    I understand that you feel strongly about this issue but geesh….

    I agree littering is littering. Why can’t we fine people who hawk lugies onto the sidewalks? To me that is the most revolting and discourteous act known to civilization, especially when you have a child who is crawling or just learning to walk.



  8. I agree with meghan—your comment is full of what amounts to textual litter. not very respectful of michele, I must say. keep it clean in the future.


  9. Meghan, you’re preaching to the choir. I hate spitty sidewalks. I would love to see that come to and end. Ugh.


  10. Michele, I’m sorry for cussing like a drunken sailor on your blog. That woman makes me ungodly mad though.

    In regards to spit: its definitely illegal to spit in NYC subways. I’ve seen transit cops fine people for it ( and I’ve thanked them for it ). I know in some cities it is illegal to spit in the street / sidewalk on purpose and people have been ticketed for it. Not sure about NYC though. ( I mention ‘on purpose’ because I read in an article about someone once getting fined for spitting that the cop said he wouldn’t have issued the ticket if they were vomiting or sick, but the guy was just standing there and spitting )


  11. My crusade, were I to actively take it on, is the poopy sidewalk phenomenon. Clean up after your pets, retards!


  12. I love it when you talk dirty, baby.


  13. Littering, i think, is the easiest way to destroy earth.


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